Purchasing a guitar is one of the greatest investments that you can make as a musician. Unfortunately, with many options available in the market, getting the best among them is easier said than done. Sound Halo made a good comparison to select the best musical instruments, including a guitar that is worth your investment. For this reason, after you finally get the guitar that suits you best, you must take complete care of it and avoid returning for a new one within a short time. Below are the tips to help you ensure, that your guitar remains in a good state for long.

Keep The Guitar Clean All The Time

Every guitar deserves a good cleaning for it to function better and last longer. However, like in the case of any other equipment and more so electric equipment, guitar cleaning is not something that can be done casually. Cleaning the guitar without paying much attention to what you are doing may end up causing more harm than good. Therefore, when it comes to cleaning the guitar, ensure that you do it right by blowing away the dust to get rid of any dirt or particles on the surface. Later, use a warm and damp cloth to remove the chemicals that could have been collected on the guitar. A second-hand toothbrush could be used to clean the bridge and frets of the guitar. After cleaning, you could use polish on the body of the guitar. However, make sure that the polish you are using is specifically designed for the guitar.

Be Careful During Transportation

Transportation of the guitar from a place to another may cost you the life of the guitar. With this in mind, you need to be extra careful when moving around with the guitar and avoid possible havocs. That’s if you are traveling through public means of transport, since the guitar is more likely to be mishandled here. In case the guitar will be out of your control for some time, ensure that you know where exactly it is and that it is not likely to get damaged there. In some cases, you may consider getting a ticket for the guitar, especially if you have other luggage that you need to take care of. A guitar that is damaged during transportation may cause you great inconveniences when you get to your destination.  

Know-How You Store The Guitar

You may take good care of your guitar but it can be damaged in storage. That means that storing the guitar needs to be taken as carefully as any other handling. In this case, when packing, check for any loose screws and tighten them before storage. Storing the guitar when the screws are loose may affect your ability to play it and interfere with the sound produced. Additionally, I have a discipline of ensuring that the guitar is always stored in its case. That will keep it safe from possible damages from the environment. In this case, a hard storage case is most recommendable, though even a soft one can work. If you do not have a guitar case, cover the guitar with a similar cloth such as a soft blanket, and this will also serve the purpose.

Take Care Of The Guitar Strings

The guitar strings are some of the most paramount parts of the guitar. If any of the strings are affected, then the overall performance of the guitar is affected. To help keep them safe, ensure that your hands are always clean before playing. You can use a hand sanitizer to kill germs and eliminate the oils on your hands that could cause problems. Additionally, use a string cleaner to clean the strings after you have finished playing. That is because although your hands were clean, the strings may get dirty when you are playing. It is also advisable that you replace the strings regularly, especially if you are a frequent guitar player.  

Protect The Guitar From Poor Humidity

Poor humidity can be a big enemy to your guitar. For this reason, if you live at a place where the humidity is either low, high, or fluctuating, you need to create a favorable climate for the guitar. You can do this by storing the guitar in a case with a hygrometer that will respond in humidity extremes. In case the humidity is too high, you can use desiccants to control it and make it suitable for guitar storage.

Keeping your guitar in its best condition will make you continue enjoying your investment benefits for a long time. For this reason, taking care of it is a responsibility that you need to take seriously. With the above tips, you can ensure that the guitar stays in good condition for a long time.