SEO known as Search Engine Optimisation is the way how you can change or improve your website visibility in search engines. with both Onpage and Offpage SEO, you can improve the quality of your website and make it user-friendly. The most important role in making your website rank higher in the search engine is played by SEO and its techniques. 

Over the years, there have been so many changes in the working of search engines as well as in the ranking factors. The search engines keep on improving their algorithms to make it easier for people to look for the required information without wasting a minute. 

With time, local SEO has become more important as people like to search in their languages. For example, kodulehe optimeerimine Estonia is more relevant than SEO in Estonia

What Else is Changing?

With voice search feature on mobiles and tablets, making searches has become easier than ever. But this should be your major concern for your website. Are you asking me why? here it is why:

With voice search, you can still make your links rank higher on the first page of Google search but if it is about a smart speaker, that would not be enough at all.

What can be done now?

To win the race, you should always aim for the featured snippet that is a box where a query is answered and kept at the top by Google. Most of the users just look at the featured snippet answers or click on the link provided there to get the complete detail.

this is the case when you conduct text search and this lets the user scroll through all the links provided on the first page.

However, with smart speakers, things change completely, When someone asks Alexa about something, it will direct them to one website that answers their query and no other links can be seen unlike in a text search; this is scary, isn’t it?

Apart from this, your website must be mobile-friendly otherwise you are going to lose a huge user base even after getting featured in the snippet. Every year a lot of users are switching to mobile devices, smartphones, from desktop devices as the former comes handy. so everything you do on your website must be in accordance with that. 

The next change to consider is Off Page SEO. earlier, backlinks with high quantity were preferred, however, nowadays, it is all about quality. If your website has low authority, it is going to affect not its visibility but can also harm your website. so getting good quality backlinks is more important than their quantity.

if your website will have real traffic and real readers who spend enough time reading your content, you will always appear at the top in the search results. search engines keep a note of how quickly people leave your website as this will only happen if they find the information boring or irrelevant. A high bounce rate and low reading time will affect the rank of your website in the search results.


To survive the SEO changes in 2020, you must always focus on quality content so that users have a great experience with your website. For backlinks, quality always matters over quantity and make sure your website is mobile-friendly; keeping all these things in mind, you must create your SEO strategies to always rank higher in the search results.