2020 has been a tough year for most businesses and 2023 is among us. However, you can sell more and grow a business by applying commercial strategies. These strategies work in all domains and all types of companies.

Running a business requires a lot of energy. Especially in these times, when many merchants complain that sales are dropping and turnover is decreasing. There can be several reasons why your business is not making sales.

However, there is another group of lucky people who seem to always do well and their businesses prosper. Every day they get more customers and sell non-stop.

How do they do it?

Reading, learning, and using winning sales strategies … like the 9 that we are going to explain next. The best thing about them is that they work in businesses of all sizes and sectors. Also, they are very easy to understand and simple to implement. Being agile is an important trait for any type of business, after all, business agility helps accelerate change, and change is exactly what we need to improve. 

Here are the 9 Tips to Improve Your Business, Now

1. Make the Customer Feel That he is Paying a Low Price

This tactic always works. It consists of talking about other similar products (they may be from the competition) whose value is much higher than the price of what one wants to sell.

Next, you have to reveal the price of what you want to sell to the customer. This price, of course, should be much lower.

For example, if you own an optician and want to sell a customer a pair of fancy glasses, which cost $ 1,000, before revealing the cost, you could mention that the cost of laser eye surgery is more than $ 20,000. And that’s not to mention that surgery can bring physical problems in case they do it wrong.

Your task here will be to convince the client that for a much lower figure they would have solved their sight problem and the sale will close on its own.

2. Divide Into Installments

Using financing can help you increase sales. You offer a payment facility so that the customer can purchase a product or service for which he does not have all the money available at that time.

For this tactic to work, you have to appeal directly to consumer psychology. Thus, you should show him the amount that he is going to pay each month instead of the total amount of the sale. The idea is that it seems to the client that the amount that he will pay is much lower and that he can assimilate the expense.

Let’s say your business is a classic men’s clothing store online. You want to sell a suit that costs $ 750. If you offer it in ten installments of $ 75, it will seem like a much smaller amount and easier to afford.

3. Make the Price Look … Even Lower

To this add another commercial tactic to gain effectiveness in sales: make the customer see that the value they will pay per month far exceeds everything that the product or service will bring to their daily life.

How is this tactic accomplished? A good idea is to divide it by day. Thus, following the example of the previous point, the US $ 75 that the client would pay per month for the suit that he has just bought, would be transformed into the just US $ 2.5 per day. You will understand that it is a very low cost for wearing top-notch clothing and you will be more tempted to buy.

4. Price Each Part of the Product or Service

Another commercial tactic that appeals directly to the customer’s psychology is to make him see that the product or service that he is acquiring is made up of different parts, and each of them has a value. This tactic works especially well with customers who complain that the price of your product or service is too expensive.

Let’s continue with the example of the suit that we have just analyzed … here you could mention that the fabric is top quality, as well as the threads that have been used for sewing. You could also bring up the cost of the design. And, of course, you could add that the tools they have used (scissors, sewing machine, etc.) are also top quality, which makes the total price of the suit higher.

5. Add an Item That Cannot be Priced Money

One more strategy that you can use to boost your sales is to show the customer that your product or service will provide something intangible. Improving your company’s IT, having a better UX on the website, are samples of added value that will make your life (and the clients) much better.

6. Show Monetary Benefits

This is another very effective business strategy that will allow you to increase sales immediately.

What you have to do here is demonstrate to customers all the money they will save if they buy your product. It is a strategy that is valid for products or services that are on sale or for those that are Premium type.

Take a car dealership as an example. If they offer a high-performance vehicle, they could accurately calculate the fuel economy with that model compared to others.

These are the types of details that you have to look at so that the customer realizes that this product will save them money in the long run and that is why it is worth buying.

7. Put the Customer in a Prominent Place

Many people believe that the best sales strategies consist of talking in detail about the product or service and only after having the interested customer reveal the price.

A good tactic to increase turnover is to do the other way around and start by talking about the customer. Tell him clearly that this item is for a certain type of person, and if he believes that he will use it and take advantage of all the benefits, then he should know the price and buy it. If the client feels an emotional connection with your product or service, if he feels that it is exactly for people like him, in that case, you will already have the sale won.

8. Offer an Extra

A great business tactic that works as an immediate sales enhancer is to make your customer believe you’ve finished the sale … and then offer them an extra benefit that’s irresistible.

This benefit can be a technical service for one year, a money-back guarantee if they are not satisfied with what they bought or a 2 × 1, for example.

Another very good strategy is to use your website or social networks to offer this extra and remains part of the customer’s life. Imagine that as an extra benefit you allow them to be part of an exclusive Facebook community, or you give them access to a section of your website with an online course on that topic.

9. Become an Expert in Your Area

This tactic is very important and will ensure a lot of sales: you must know your work area better than anyone else. Clients have to perceive you as a true expert in your field, you must handle your products or services better than anyone else.

The idea behind this tactic is very simple and powerful: if you are perceived as an expert in the area, customers will value your opinion much more, they will trust and, as a consequence, they will be more willing to buy.

All of these strategies are very simple and easy to apply. As we’ve explained, they work in all business areas, in large, small and medium enterprises. The only thing left to do is to execute these tips to the fullest effect.