Instagram is an effective social media platform to promote your business. Several companies have started their Instagram page, and it is high time you do the same for your business. The main motto of having an Instagram page is to increase the number of followers and promote your products and services to your followers. However, these followers can be real or fake. You need to avoid fake followers and increase real followers. Here is a list of ways to increase real followers on Instagram.

1. Get Your Instagram Account Optimized to Display Your Business

Your Instagram account is your business identity. You must disclose all the necessary details about your business on your Instagram landing page. It will help if you have a bio description to start with. 

Let your followers know what your business relates to. You must have proper images that depict your business ideas and products. It will help if you summarize your business with a proper username and profile picture as well. You can use your business name as your username. However, if your business name is too long, you can shorten it to fit the character limit. If you have a business website, you can add a link to that website on your Instagram account. You can also use specific keywords to link your website to your Instagram account.  

2. Maintain Proper Content and Posting Calendar

As your number of followers increases, you will face issues in tracking all your posts and your followers’ response to it. Therefore, you should maintain a proper calendar for all your posts. It will help if you keep a note of the posts you have put upon which date and how the followers responded to it. Moreover, you can follow a definite day of the week to post your products or services. Your followers will know when you will post and will get themselves ready for it. You will also better control which products are already displayed and how to change your presentation for better sales.

3. Your Scheduled Instagram Posts Can Act as a Trailer

In addition to posts, you can put up a schedule about which posts will be put up on which date. You must line up your products in such a way that a smooth flow is maintained. You can post your schedule from time to time so that your followers will know what is coming up next. This scheduled display of future posts can act as a movie trailer. Your followers will be more engaged with such schedule posts, and therefore your page will attract more followers.

4. Post Short-Video Contents For More Engagement

Like any other business, you can put up a video about the functionality of your products. Your followers will have a better idea of how to use your product. Such videos have the upper hand over normal still images, where you have to depict the functionality by writing it on them. Images with several writings on them will look clumsy and can obscure the main product. Instead, it would help if you focus on making a short video depicting your product’s usefulness. You can also make a short educational video about using your services and how your services are better than your peers. 

You can make such short video presentations in online video editing software like InVideo. Remember not to make the videos too long, as your followers will gradually lose interest as the video extends long.  

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5. Collaborate With Other Instagram Accounts to Share Your Contents

Several Instagram accounts share the same interest as yours. You can find out about these profiles and make friends with them. You can share your ideas, learn from them, and try to target their followers as well. You can ask these accounts to post your content so that their followers can see your products. Remember, you must post your Instagram account link along with your post. If any of the followers get interested in these contents, they will find your account from the link and start following your account. If they like your posts, ask them to share your posts as well.

6. Avoid Fake Followers at All Costs

If you check into Instagram accounts of others, you will find several accounts with innumerable followers. However, when these individuals post anything, they do not get as many reactions as expected. This result is because most of the followers of those individuals are fake or non-functional. They have just created their account but are not active on Instagram anymore. There is no point in having such followers on your account. 

The best way to check whether a follower is real or fake is by checking their account. Most real followers will have a real photo of them as their profile picture. If they are active, they will regularly post on Instagram. They might share your interest, and therefore, you must check their activities on others’ profiles who run the same business. You can target the followers from your peers’ account. Looking at their activity rate, you can determine whether the follower is real or fake.

7. Link Other Social Media Accounts With Your Instagram Account

Once you have created your Instagram page, you must promote it everywhere. You must have created an account on other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube along with Instagram. You must promote your Instagram page on all these platforms. In this way, you will target your friends and followers of these websites who are not linked to you on Instagram. If any of these followers have their Instagram account, they might walk the extra mile to search your account and follow you. Click here to read more.

When it comes to incurring profits from your business, promotion is the key. Instagram is a wonderful platform to promote your business, and the best way for promotion is to increase the number of real followers. By this time, you are clear about which techniques will be ideal for your business. However, remember that all followers are priceless to you- you must treat both old and new followers equally.