Instagram has completely changed the way of promoting a business and help you build audience through stories. With more than one billion monthly users and the majority being in the U.S., Instragam has earned global presence and the big user bases are Russia, India, and Indonesia. 

Instagram offers the best way to connect with customers and consumers who are interested in seeing what you have got. You just need to find and attract the right audience for your business. If you are dreaming about having millions of followers on your business page, you can make it real. Every other day, so many businesses reach out to Instagram to get some real customers and most of them succeed in doing so. The reason is they plan their way to increase followers on Instagram.

Here you will find some ways to increase your followers on your business page on Instagram:

Tips to Increase Instagram Followers for Your Business Page

First of all, you must know that you are not alone in this race and there are many. But you don’t need to take care of everyone and only worry about those who are from the same industry as you. If you will be able to attract more followers, this is going to expand your area and will increase your sales as well.

  1. Post Everyday
  2. If you want to have a huge fan base, it is as important to post regularly as it is to eat. Most of the top brands post every day, however, even if they don’t this is not going to affect their followers. But this is not how it works. Your fans need to see your every day, more of your products, and every bit of your work so they can feel more connected to your business and will hit the ‘Follow’ button.

  3. Promotions are Necessary
  4. No matter what business you are in or what products you sell, you should always promote your Instagram whenever you get a chance such as on your website, in your email signature, on your other social media accounts, and add it on your business card. 

    Simply post your Instagram handle on your other social accounts so that if someone is interested they can directly reach out to you there as well.

  5. Hashtags are Important
  6. Hashtag is a symbol that is used to describe an image with a word or phrase without spaces in between. Using certain hashtags in your post will make sure that your post is visible in certain categories. You need to know the hashtags that work for your industry and add them in the description of your post as and when suitable. This will help when someone will search for that particular hashtag and your post will also appear in their feed. 

  7. Create your Style
  8. To look more professional, you need to pay attention to the images you post. If your photos will look more organized using the right style and filters, it will bring you more followers. Your image must be able to define the purpose of your business and how serious you are about it. 

  9. Create Engagement
  10. You cannot have followers if you don’t create engagement. Talk to the users who have similar interests as your business and through this, you may find some other users whom you can follow to engage them. You can never always go on promoting your products every time you see someone. Sometimes talking about the product can also increase the reach of the brand. Comment on a picture that relates to your brand and if it interests someone, they will go to your profile, see your work and follow you.

  11. Start Advertising
  12. Last but not the least, you can promote your business through Instagram ads. This will help your product to reach even those who don’t follow you. If your ad will excite the viewer, they will surely pay a visit to your profile and may hit the Follow button as well.


Having discussed all the ways to up your Insta game but there are people who may find it time taking, so for them, there are many free tools like GetInsta that may help you increase Instagram followers and Instagram likes for business.