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    | Updated on August 24, 2023

    It’s the time of year for families and friends to gather and share what they are grateful to have. The company of your loved ones is high on that list, and having the perfect dining table set can enhance the experience. 

    There are many considerations to make when purchasing a new dining set, so where do you start? It’s always best to begin with, taking measurements. That will tell you how much space you have to work with and allow you to place the table in the most convenient position. 

    It would be best if you also took a full assessment of the room. What areas receive the most natural light? Is there a staircase nearby whose entryway should be kept clear? Is it an open design or a separate room?

    With natural light, you want to place the table in an area that will get a full dose of the sun’s beams. That will ensure enough light for household members to complete any projects or tasks at the table. 

    You also don’t want the table to obstruct any walkways or block any of the room’s natural design elements. Fireplaces should be left exposed and lend to the space’s design. Use them to display decorations, plants, family photos, and other knick-knacks that will spark an interesting conversation. 

    If the room is separated from the rest of the home, you can get creative with the design. You may have a traditional look in the other rooms, but a contemporary or glamorous dining set. You can transport guests to another world just by entering the dining room. It’s a wonderful way to infuse your style into another room and reveal a little more about yourself and your household.

    Are you a formal or casual entertainer? Formal dinners typically require more silverware to be placed on the table. You want to get a table wide enough to hold each place, setting and serving dishes while ensuring your guests have adequate room to eat and converse comfortably. 

    If you’re a casual entertainer, then you might want to set up a buffet-style dinner. That would mean adding a buffet or island for the trays of food and a slimmer table. Many kitchen islands also have wine racks for those adult nights you have with your friends. 

    Other storage options include china cabinets and curios. A formal dining space is more likely to have a china cabinet to show heavier pieces like fine china and crystal dinnerware. Many of them have interior lighting to spotlight the pieces you are proud to display. The china cabinet can hold that dainty silver teapot set or crystal champagne flutes. The closed ends of the design call attention to the items inside and permit the china cabinet to show off the dinnerware as artwork.

    Curio cabinets have a more open design, giving onlookers a full 360-degree view. They’re perfect if you don’t have a large set of china to display or don’t want to take up too much floor space. Many are corner models that will fit nicely in any room. 

    So how many guests are invited to dinner? The length and width of the table are dependent on the answer to that question. Of course, you should purchase the set that works best for your family, but you also want regular guests to feel welcomed. 

    A rectangular extendable table can meet that need. The length has more room on the sides for visitors, and you can always place the leaf in to make it longer if more people are due to come over. A round table is just right for a more intimate setting where friends sit down to talk and laugh at each other’s jokes. With everyone facing one another, no one will feel left out of the conversation like they would at a rectangular table. 

    Oval tables work much the same as their rectangular counterparts, with one advantage; no sharp edges. If small children make up most of your guests, you want something they can move around safely. The corners and edges of a square or rectangle can cause harm to adults, so keep the little ones safe and secure with rounded edges. 

    If you enjoy playing the bartender for your guests, a bar unit would be another wonderful addition to the dining space. You’ll be able to store bottles and glasses close by to keep the evening lively. 

    Now you may think this all can get very costly. Finding a dining room table set and other pieces to complete the design can add up very quickly. But, go URL and find your perfect dining table set at 1StopBedrooms. You’ll immediately see the great savings, with sales of up to 75% off select dining sets. 

    Their low-cost, price-match guarantee tells you that they believe no competitor will beat their pricing. Contact the customer service team if you happen to locate the same set at another store for a lesser price. They will keep their promise and adjust the cost of your order. 

    Because they directly deal with brand name manufacturers like Ashley and Coaster, 1Stop can offer prices well below the cost of traditional retailers. They aren’t rolling any expensive overhead costs into the price of the furniture. 

    Instead, they are offering real savings and free in-home delivery nationwide. Financing is available for your order if you are working on a strict budget. Choose from a twelve, twenty-four, or thirty-six-month plan and order from America’s highest-rated furniture company. Don’t tie your cash up in one hefty payment, but pay off your furniture in small increments and get the set you want without any financial guilt. 

    Suppose you’re having trouble deciding on a style or choosing a color that will create the ambiance you want in your dining room. Just reach out to a non-commissioned design consultant. There is no fee to enlist their services, and they’re on hand to assist you in finding the right style for your family, so don’t hesitate to contact one today.

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