Though Clementi is some distance away from the central business district of Singapore, it is a well-developed area with numerous shopping malls. The residential area located in the western part of Singapore has a large and diverse population. Due to personal or professional reasons, especially medical emergencies individuals in the area may require a loan quickly. In these cases, it is better to take a loan from a local Clementi moneylender, since the borrower will not waste time traveling. Hence, individuals who would like to take a personal loan would like to find the best money lender in Clementi, and some of the best ways to find a suitable moneylender are discussed.

Loan Type

One of the considerations while finding a moneylender is the type of loan, and most moneylenders often specialize in specific types of loans. Many salaried employees prefer to take a payday loan. In case they are facing financial problems, it is easy to get approval for the loan, and the amount is directly deducted from the bank account where their salary is credited. In other cases, the borrower may require a loan for paying for the expenses related to a medical emergency. Some moneylenders may offer medical loans at a better rate.

Loan Amount

Many moneylenders will give personal loans or unsecured loans for smaller amounts, especially if the borrower is taking a loan for the first time. So, depending on the loan amount required, whether the borrower is willing to offer collateral, he will have to search for a suitable moneylender. Typically, individuals who are taking loans for smaller amounts for a shorter period will find it easier to find more moneylenders willing to give the loan. While borrowers who require a larger amount will usually find it difficult to find a moneylender who will lend them the money.

Interest and Processing Charges

Another relevant factor that should be considered while taking the loan, is the interest on the loan amount and the processing charges. These are expenses for the borrower, so the borrower should compare the interest, processing, and other charges of each moneylender before selecting a specific lender. In some cases, the interest rates are lower, but the processing charges will be more. So specifically, for low-value loans, the processing charges can be significant, so the overall expense while taking the loan should be considered before making a decision.

Other considerations

The moneylender will also consider the profile of the borrower before giving a loan. In some cases, the moneylenders are only giving loans to salaried employees and professionals, they may not give loans to start-ups. In other cases, only Singapore citizens or permanent residents are eligible for a loan, so if the borrower is a citizen of some other country, he may find that his options are greatly limited. Some moneylenders may require some documents, like financial statements, income proof, before approving the loan application, so if the borrower cannot provide these documents, he will have to search for other lenders.