Let’s face the truth — everyone is interested in cryptocurrency because of its multiple advantages. Nobody wants to pass the next price hike of tokens. But the crypto sphere is quite mysterious for the most of philistines and the cryptocurrency market is really uncertain, risks are high and nobody wants to lose his or her hard-earned money. That’s why we decided to share with you this short guide on how to earn cryptocurrency with three best and easy ways you can get your hands on some crypto coins. It was prepared by very trustworthy analysts of one of the best crypto exchanges, quickex.io.

  1. Buy Cryptocurrency
  2. The most straightforward and may be the easiest way to get some tokens is to buy them and today it is much easier than it was a few years ago. The crypto sphere became very popular in the past few years and the demand became higher. Now there are a lot of firms that launched their own platforms that give an opportunity to easily and safely enter the market to any newcomer. So the question is, how to buy crypto? If you want to buy Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, it is as simple as possible. But alt coins are less accessible and to buy them you have to use specific cryptocurrency exchanges. Choose an exchange, create an account, verify it and follow simple instructions on the website (they are usually really user-friendly). There is one important thing you always should pay attention to while using them — transaction fees.

  3. Mine Cryptocurrency
  4. Let’s talk about how to mine cryptocurrency. Mining is a nice way to become an owner of some crypto coins. Important note: this way is not suitable for all cryptocurrencies. There are a lot of people who think that the point of mining is to get as many coins as possible for yourself, but it is more complex than that. Via mining, people use their computers to solve complex mathematical equations that validate blocks of transactions. Every currency already exists inside a protocol, but it has to be validated to become available on the market. And as a reward the first person who validates it gets a piece of a digital token he or she validated. How to become a miner? If your aim is to mine Bitcoin, you need to acquire high-end equipment such as ASIC. Altcoins, in turn, can be mined even with a regular computer.

  5. Use Coinbase/Binance
  6. Coinbase is the largest and the most trustworthy USA crypto platform. It represents to your attention a big choice of different digital currencies. If you like to use this service, you can refer to your friends and each of you will earn $10 of BTC. If you don’t live in the USA, you can try using Binance — on this platform users are able to earn 40% on referrals.

    You can also earn coins with the Coinbase Earn program. All you have to do is to watch some videos about different cryptos, then to take a simple test and as a result you can earn up to $40 of that cryptocurrency. Then you get a referral code you are able to share with friends so they can gain rewards too.

    We hope this short manual will help you get your first crypto coins and avoid making mistakes. Good luck!