College is the scariest place, especially when you newly join it. Probably everyone would agree with this. College life is hard and students think it is difficult to survive in college. There are specific fears that new students feel in the college. In the beginning, it is harder to understand how to overcome those fears and how to start a fruitful learning period in the institute. According to a survey, about 4000 high school or undergraduate students have different concerns regarding college life. Moreover, they feel hesitant about doing particular things in college. There are 5 fearful things to do in college in proportion to the survey, many chronic factors that promote such fearful environments for apprentices. Bullying has become part of the tradition in colleges where seniors enjoy bullying newcomers and harassment turns into severe matters sometimes.  

Higher education is about grooming students; school, college, and university work as a platform where students learn different skills. No doubt, Books and grades are mandatory, but a student’s overall development is also part of the studies. Excellent learning and development lead to a better future. Becoming independent, increasing a healthy social circle, organizing time, and utilizing it into plans to achieve goals is also important. Several issues can be addressed properly if the development of the person is proper. College is a place where students start a new life, which is the base for practical experience. The journey is important to overcome fears and build confidence. Students have several worries that they try to hide and sometimes get overwhelmed by those fears. Here are the top five fears students have in college.  

Reasons to Feel Stressed

Most of the students who join college are living with their families. They have their old friends in town and school. When they enter college, they have to leave the past life and forcefully welcome the new challenging one. Change turns to be a start over for all new students. Due to the subrogation students get caught by different fears and prominent fear is fear of change. They start freaking out owing to the unfamiliar experience they face in college life. The significant difference in the lifestyle as new advanced studies with a strict schedule and new people around can give students a tough time. So they fear accepting the change, which is the first thing that students fear to do in college and they start feeling vulnerable. Also, they are unsure of the future, whether their experience will be pleasant or not.

How To Transform Your Negative Emotions?

Continuous support and physical activities will help them to overcome stress and will help the student to adopt change. In stressful situations, counseling can make them overcome this fear and build confidence to adapt and do things right.  

  1. Nervousness of Inhospitality
  2. We all have felt this and know how difficult it feels to start making new friends in school and college. The first day in college when you try to keep calm but a racing heartbeat shows the nervousness and smiling faces around you give the feeling like they are making fun of you. Looking for a face with a welcoming smile and it turns out that no one is there to accept you. Reason can be attributable to social pressure, and it is even common among adults. Also, the college students are new to this experience, so it’s okay to get influenced first. International students from different parts of the world face the bully stuff the most. And some just pause in making an effort to improve social life. However, alienation is the most challenging thing to do in college that students find nearly impossible to deal with. 

    Think positively and look around for students who have enrolled for the same subject. You can make it happen if you seek alienation. Try to enjoy different activities and join clubs.

  3. Fear of Public Speaking
  4. Public speaking can turn into phobia if not controlled in time. Students are new and at-risk, so this can be common among them to face general speaking hesitation. In college, facing the audience is compulsory, and it terrifies the students, affecting overall performance. 

    Fortunately, this fear can be removed if students prepare for it with help from public speaking workshops, for example

  5. Fear of Eviction
  6.  Fear of expulsion is another thing that students feel throughout their study duration. The reason behind this is the lack of confidence and other worries that don’t let them focus on their studies properly. 

    The best way to overcome this uneasiness is to plan your studies and give yourself time to absorb the change. Try to avoid wasting time on useless activities or bad habits. Concentrate on education and try to work hard. By the time the fear will go away, and confidence will replace it.

  7. Fear of Failure
  8.  Failure is the darkest fear that we all feel. Unfortunately, students become victims of this and live a stressful life. Most students who study abroad face the fear of failure. Also, fear of failure can paralyze them and make their life miserable. Work hard and give your best and failure will no longer haunt you


Not all fresh students are capable of adjusting to the change. For students who study abroad, they can have a fear of running out of the budget. So financial planning is a crucial step for them. Students can overcome their fears if they get help from experienced persons and try to stay positive. Trained people are there in colleges to help out students.