Tips on Selecting the Right Translation Company

It will be hard to know what to expect when working with a translation company. You might be in need of translation services for your company documents. It is crucial that you’re doing research if you’re to get the right provider for the job. If it is the first time going through the process, there will be a couple of considerations to have in mind. Getting the right translation company to partner with is always going to be a daunting endeavor. Here are some of the things you should be looking at when choosing such a company.

Attention to Detail

The translation company that you’re working with should pay close attention to detail as that is what will make all the difference. This could be difficult to determine as there is a high chance that you could be working with the company for the first time. A small error could be costly and you don’t want something like that happening in the full glare of the customers. If it is language translation, the company that you’re working with should know their stuff and be proficient in all the languages, not just orally but also fluent with writing.

Know the Difference Between Native Speakers and Translation Services

Just because someone is a native speaker of a language doesn’t mean that you’ll get the best translation service. He or she might be a native but is not fluent when it comes to writing. The company that you’re working with needs to have translators that have a firm grip on the two languages so that the context of the message is not lost because of the translation.

Project Managers

If you have a big project, it is only fair that the company is hiring a project manager to oversee everything. The project manager will be responsible for providing timely communication so that you’re aware of what is happening at any given time. They will supervise and coordinate the moving parts so that everything is running smoothly. If you intend to spend a lot of money on the translation services, it is important that you make sure that you know the project manager that will be assigned to you. You can check out services by Espresso Translations agency if you’re searching for a company that will handle all your projects with the highest levels of professionalism.

Professional Editors

There is no way a translation company can be successful when they don’t have professional editors as part of the team. It just doesn’t sit well as a lot of customers will demand high-quality translation services. There should be no mistakes passing through the cracks when the editing is being done.  The editors will make sure that there are no mistakes with the translation. There should also be the quality assurance systems in place so that the client is only getting high-quality work.


Experience is always going to play a big role in any hiring decision and there are no exceptions when it comes to getting a translation company. You can know if a company is experienced by asking for references for past work. It doesn’t have to be an exact company but it could be in the same field. You can also gauge the experience of the company by looking at the number of years that they’ve been operational. The more the years, the more the experience.


You don’t want to wait for months when the translation company promised that the work would be completed in a few weeks. You should make sure that the duration of the work is clear from the onset. A reputable company is one that works with a deadline and will ensure that the work is being delivered on time. Everything should be in writing. The agreement will be legally binding. A good company is one that will make revisions if there are mistakes. One or two mistakes shouldn’t be a cause of concern but the problem will come in when there are glaring mistakes.

Customer Service

As a paying customer, you need to be treated with courtesy and respect. There should be someone that is getting back to you in the shortest time possible when you have a concern. The level of customer support can provide insights into the kind of services that you can expect from the translation company. Ask as many questions as possible so that you have an idea of the company that you’re dealing with. The quality of translation is all that matters at the end of the day.

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