In order to take your business to new heights, the human resource involved in the management of the business must be superior. While selecting employees for your company, a proper selection process has to be undertaken during the recruitment process. Recruiting Human Resource for your business involves inviting job applicants who have the motivation, ability, expertise, and knowledge needed to meet the requirements of a particular position in your company. It is not just about choosing employees, the HR recruitment process has a specific purpose. The purpose is about attracting good applicants, and from all the job applications you receive, selecting good employees that are capable of displaying a better image of the company.
During the entire recruitment process, there are certain principles that have to be taken care of.

Principles of Recruitment to Remember While Choosing Staffing Agency

The principles of HR (Human Resources) recruitment are as follows:

  1. It is necessary to analyze jobs, job specifications, and job descriptions to ensure the high-quality of employees that are going to be recruited.
  2. To determine the number of employees needed, it is necessary to forecast and analyze needs of the company.
  3. The costs for recruiting must be minimized.
  4. The recruitment decisions must be well-planned and strategically defined.
  5. Legal considerations must be kept in mind.

Sources of HR Recruitment Used by Staffing Firm

HR Recruitment (Human Resources) consists of internal and external sources.

  • Internal
  • Internal HR recruitment sources include succession plans, job posting, promotions and transfers, employee assistance, and employee families.

  • External (Domestic and Foreign)
  • External HR recruitment sources can be in the form of Applicants, Educational Institutions, Employment Agencies, Recommendations, Professional Organizations, advertisements, and others.

Carrying out HR recruitment does not always run smoothly, there can be certain obstacles that hinder the entire process.
HR Recruitment Constraints are Organizational Policies consisting of Promotion Policies, Employee status Policies, Local employment policies, compensation policies.

  • HR Plan
  • Labor Market Conditions
  • External Environmental Conditions
  • Job Requirements

Private employment agencies are an important source of staff personnel and Executive staff. They have fixed charges (as determined by state law and their offices) for each applicant they provide recruitment to.

Market conditions generally determine whether prospective employees or employers pay for it. Usually, those who pay are entrepreneurs.

For employers, the best way to attract qualified applicants and workers is by paying fees as they will not be willing to change jobs if they have to pay these fees.

Employers often add permanent workers by employing casual or temporary workers, often through employment agencies for temporary assistance. They are known as part-time workers i.e. workers that work for a certain amount of time. Historically, employers have always employed “temporary workers” to replace permanent employees who did not come to work because they were sick or on vacation.

However, the desire for increased productivity contributes to the growing popularity of temporary workers. As one expert said, “Productivity is measured in the context of the hourly output that is paid.” 

So to get the best Human Resource whether temporary or permanent, hired for your company, you can always choose a recruitment agency in Jakarta who knows the recruitment process thoroughly and has a track record in the field of your company. 

Only after knowing everything about HR recruitment methods and selecting the best staffing firm, you can get the right and qualified employees and ensure that your business touches the sky of success and growth.