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To enjoy life, one must have enough earnings that can turn dreams into a reality. Doing business is the best option to earn money, but not everyone can do it. To run those businesses, employees play a vital role. To become a part of an organization, one must have respective skills and expertise. But how would it be conveyed to those who hire? 

Yes! Your ats friendly resume will do that.

A resume is a simple document representing a person, his academic life, work experience, honors and achievements, skill sets, and the qualities possessed by that person. It gives a brief outlook of a person and his capabilities. The resumes help the hiring personnel sort out the applications and select a few to help the organization grow and flourish. If it is good enough, the qualification process steps up to half already.    

Now let’s talk about the pursued professions and their professional journey. Finance individuals remain in high demand throughout the year, especially accountants. Since everything runs on money, there must be a proper system for managing it. One can’t carry cash around, from personal to massive business empires; everyone has accounts and needs accountants to handle them. There are countless outstanding accounting jobs available worldwide that become a kickstart for talented and ambitious individuals.

Here are some tips and techniques to build a powerful accountant resume, and you can implement them to outshine others. 

Show your Education and Certificates Prominently

What’s the first thing that qualifies a person for a job? It is an appropriate education with good grades. It is of paramount importance to correctly display your academics so that the recruiters could know about your learning skills. Make sure to add upgrades in them if you have got good ones. It puts a lasting impression.

Along with the education, you may do certifications to give your career a boost. With it, the mastery over the subject increases. The list of certificates in your resume adds up a spark that shines brightly. Mention the timeline, along with institutions, to avoid any confusion. CPA ( Certified Public Accountant ) is one of the most common licenses that give different perks on the job. 

Display your Skills

Traits differ in every individual. These are the pitching points that will lift you to the newer heights. Completing a novel in three days is a skill but try to avoid writing it in a resume. Mentioning hobbies and interests only cover up the pages, nothing else. Instead, add up your soft skills and core ones related to accounting. Include the vital skills that are important to become a good accountant. Add all those stuff that you think will impress the recruiters. 

If you have any good history with the subject math, like winning competitions, add them up. If you have been a part of any organization and have led them, let your resume display this skillset as it shows your leading capabilities. Along with this, communication skills are also essential for an accountant. On the other hand, computer skills have great importance in the accounting field as you won’t add up or apply formula on paper to balance the sheets. 

List Down your Experiences

According to the law of diffusion (innovators), only 2.5% of people try new things. If you have any experience related to accounting, do mention them in your resume. It earns the confidence of the recruiters. They will have a good thought of relevant experiences you have that directly eliminate the risks of blunders. Be specific about your experience. Adding it abruptly without properly defining experience will only create confusion. As the field of accounting has diverse branches, try to be precise with yours. The recruiters are looking for specific accountants specialists, so if you have got the relevant experience, it will help them choose you easily. Represent the company, job title, years of experience, and accomplishments you made there with bullet points. 

Give a Strong Objective

The objective in the resume plays the role of the first attack. If it hits the bullseye, nothing else could be better for you. Write an impactful objective that should contain the following points:

  1. Years of experience you have
  2. Certifications that make you best for the job
  3. Primary duties you have performed
  4. Your highest level of education
  5. The role you want to play and why

These are some of the essential points that should be present in your objective. 


A resume is your entry pass to a firm. If it is good enough, the process of becoming a part of your favorite organization becomes effortless. A good resume should contain all the positive attributes and qualities that make them stand out differently. A perfect accountant resume exists, but it requires a little effort to draft one.