It is an obvious question of how to become certified in InDesign or get a Certificate. There are several options to get the certification. To become a certified professional, you should have excellent skills and a proper understanding to create and share content using the relevant tools. 

There are 3 Options to Become A Certified Expert in InDesign 

1. You Should Attend A Regular Class to Earn A Certificate

You should take a course from a renowned school which provides a course competition document after finishing the syllabus. The institution helps you to get live exposure to become a professional designer. Many employers consider this certificate awarded upon completion of a training program that grows your skills and effort into personal improvement. 

2. You Can Appear in the Certification Examination Independently

 Secondly, you should personally take the certification exam, which verifies your current skills and knowledge related to the subject. These exams are generally expensive and can be completed from home or workplace. You can avoid visiting the physical centre.

3. You Must Apply for the Adobe Certification Exam

The final option is to take an exam at a testing Center. Two types of certification exams available there. 

  1. Adobe certified associate certification exams
  2. The Adobe certified expert certification exams

You must follow some rules. You need to register with an independent agency, pay fees, then travel to a testing centre to appear in the examination. For info, this certified Expert Exam takes five years to complete the process. 

While the certified associate exam is more current, one-third of the exam covers the topic, which is not directly related to InDesign general knowledge of graphics and copyright. The employers appear in this certificate exam if they have an intention to prove the skills through different types of training and expertise. 

Is this Certificate Needed?

This certificate doesn’t work in the field of graphic design. This certificate helps you to find a job. It tells the employers that you have a specific set of foundation skills. The person who will achieve the certification can personally be rewarded. 

This certificate is more valuable than any other certificate. For instance, you can be qualified in many software programs like Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and for that, you need to take an Adobe certified expert exam. But as a designer and Illustrator, if you want to get work, these qualifications are not enough. 

There are many reasons to become an Adobe certified person. It will help you to get a promotion. An officially certified badge will help you to earn the trust of clients. On the other side, if you like teaching, you can teach Adobe skills to others.

Is There Any Way or Method to Prepare for this Course Test?

The preparation of such an exam will depend on the tool, your experience, and your study patterns. There are some tips. 

  • Examine the Software:

    To get ready for the test, you must open the software first and get aware of all the available buttons. If there is any confusion, you must clarify your doubts about their functions.
  • Read the Manual:

    The software manual printed must be read like the textbook that we study before the exam. It is more comfortable to read a hard copy than reading the pdf of the screen.
  • Must Read the Book:

    Adobe is the parent of major graphic designing tools. You can read the relevant books for the preparation of your selected exam. It has everything which will help you to know about a dedicated tool.

  • Start with Basics:

    You should take the Photoshop examination first because this is one of the easiest tests compared with others. It will help you to understand the structure and question patterns of the exam. And then, based on that, you can grow your knowledge for a specific designing tool to get the highest grade in that exam.

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