How to Apply for NADRA Cards – Important Facts You Should Know?

All About NADRA

NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) is an autonomous agency, established on March 10, 2000, hired by the Government of Pakistan. Operating independently, it is responsible for preparing a computer-based system of storing information of over 100 million citizens of Pakistan. It issues a card, commonly known as the NADRA card or the CNIC, which considers the norms of the international security documentation. It was done to replace the paper-based Identity System of Pakistan, which had been in use since 1973.

This card enables its users to enjoy the allied services which come along with this card. The CNIC i.e. Computerized National Identity Cards, issued to Pakistani citizens, have now been replaced by a much efficient Smart National Identity Card (SNIC).

This is how the Pakistani Government keeps track of its citizens working outside the country by issuing them these chip cards. People who are issued NICO Pare registered into the NADRA database providing them the authenticity of individual and visa-free entry into Pakistan. Also, the information provided here is confidential and secured in their servers. 

Documents Required for a Pakistani Identity Card

The National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) is issued to workers or citizens of Pakistan, not residing in the country, having dual nationality. NICOP application allows you to get yourself SNIC, and the process requires you to provide copies of domicile, a matriculation certificate, a passport, and parents’ identification cards. 

With your complete documentation, the process takes just a few steps. The NICOP application is a three-step process:

1. Preliminary Assessment– In case your NADRA card has reached its validity limit of 10 years, it’s time to decide whether you have to apply for a new one, or renew it, or cancel it.

2. Preparation- Get all your documents right and get done with it. You will require your passport-sized photographs and soft copies of the remaining documents.

3. Actual Application- It would not take you more than 30 minutes considering where it is being done and what you are applying for. 

If you are planning to get this done in Pakistan, directly head to any of their offices, where they would guide you the details. Just keep in mind that manually the process might take longer than online. So check out all your options before getting done with this.

Benefits of Getting NADRA Card

The NADRA online has not been made compulsory by the Pakistani Government but it allows its users to avail the following benefits:

  • Purchasing train or flight tickets
  • Opening and operating bank accounts (Savings and Current)
  • Issuing a passport
  • Getting a driver’s license issued
  • Getting a SIM card
  • Making online transactions
  • Availing services of electricity, water, and gas
  • Purchasing property and vehicles
  • Getting admitted to colleges for undergraduate and postgraduate courses
  • Electing their leader
  • Setting up businesses
  • Disbursement of pension

With all these facilities available, getting a NADRA card issued adds to leading an organized civic life in the country of Pakistan. 

Get Your NADRA Card Online

The CNIC cards are issued online. The data which is collected online include signatures, thumb impressions, and fingerprints of the applying person. The fees for the same can be submitted online through Credit or Debit cards. 

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