McDonald’s started as a restaurant in southern California but has grown over the years. It has franchises in over 100 countries and is a leading fast-food restaurant of choice to many. At client feedback survey website, a customer experience shows that the company attributes its success to positioning, innovation, and customer service. A report on a client feedback survey shows that customers value consistency in service delivery and convenience. Its growth strategy focus is on its commitment to the core business, marketing, and competitive edge. 

Factors that Drive Success at McDonald’s 

Value and Pricing Strategy 

The focus on high-quality burgers, fast service, and excellent customer service at an affordable price strategy worked. The main focus was also on customer experience and how it would help to build customer loyalty. Cleanliness and food hygiene are the pillars of success in the food industry. Through their model kitchen, which enables customers to view the entire food processing procedures, and the employees’ level of cleanliness, customers trust the brand. Through networking, repeat sales, and creating impressive performances for customers, the strategy has contributed to business growth.


Franchising has helped McDonald’s to come up with additional products that have driven sales. The company carries through research on the location and potential franchisee before they engage such business partners. They also do not treat their franchisee as their customers but as their co-partners. Through regular training, tips on selecting their suppliers and how to grow their business, and maintain the standards set by McDonald’s, franchisees can propel business growth. Customers dictate a business growth strategy and can give ideas on new products a company should launch. McDonald’s introduced Fillet-O Fish sandwich, McFlurry, Egg McMuffin, and other products through innovations by franchisees. Adopting the all-day breakfast menu to yield to the customer demands led to their success and increase in sales.

Investment in Employee and Customer Satisfaction

One of the ways McDonald’s empowers their employees is through training. At Hamburger University, employees learn more about cleanliness, consistency in service delivery, and customer service skills. Fair compensation to employees, enhancing drive-through approach in customer service at the first contact point of making the order, and regular surveys on customer experience improve the customer-employee relationship. It has many benefits and ultimately leads to high sales that have led to their business success.


Every business relies on branding for more business exposure to generate more leads and enhance the conversion rate. Packaging is top-notch and an ideal way to reach other potential markets. Active social media accounts across all platforms and other advanced technological marketing options have given McDonald’s an edge in the competitive fast-food business.

McDonald’s has had to deal with the trade-off in expanding its value to other food items that may impact the brand service delivery. The company is also resilient to sort any issues relating to their business amicably. Public Relations is vital for any business success, and through professional advice, research, and dynamism, McDonald’s continues to drive success in the fast-food industry.