How many questions are on the CCNP 350-401 encor?

| Updated on October 4, 2023

The CCNP 350-401 encor is considered as important exam test for the domain of CCNP track. If you have passed this exam once in life then you would be able to become a CCNP enterprise certified. Now the new CCNP 350-401 exam is making the CCNP routing and switching exam something outdated. Cisco networking certifications helps people to have wireless networks, troubleshoot networking and configuring, and more importantly hoo redundancy protocols. Now before going into the questions of CCNP 350-401 you must be thinking about its usage, time to attempt, pattern of exam and syllabus of exam. We will also let you go through from the difficulty level of this exam.

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The CCNP 350-401 exams help students to get knowledge of implementing core enterprise network technologies to stand out in certified person’s knowledge. The CCNP core qualities include usually security, dual stack architecture, network assurance, infrastructure, virtualisation, and automation. Its course would define you how to implement Cisco enterprises network of core technologies. The time duration of CCNP exam is almost 120 minute. This exam is associated with Enterprise core, Cisco certified specialist, CCIE enterprise infrastructure and CCIE wireless enterprise. This exam is hosted by Pearson VUE. The CCNp enterprise has exam code of 350-401, 300-410, 300-415, 300-420, 300-425, 300-430, 300-435.

Associated concentration exams for CCNP 350-401:

These are the following associated concentration exam for CCNP 350-401. Lets read full report.

  1. 300-410 ENARSI
  2. 300-415 ENSDWI
  3. 300-420 ENSLD
  4. 300-425 ENWLSD
  5. 300-430 ENWLSI
  6. 300-435 ENAUTO

CCNP syllabus with Questions content:

Now lets discuss the syllabus and the type of questions which maybe asked for the exam of CCNP 350-401 Encor.


  • Here you have to explain the diverse principles for design utilizing inside a enterprise network.
  • Analyzing different principles for design of a WLAN deployment.
  • You may be asked for distinguishing between cloud infrastructure snd on premises deployment.
  • Explaining different principles for working of Cisco SD WAN solution.
  • Explaining multiple principles for functioning in the Cisco SD access solution.
  • Then you maybe asked to describe the concepts of wireless and wired QoS.
  • And maybe you would be asked about hardware and software switching mechanisms.


  • You maybe asked for answering questions about technology of device virtualisation.
  • There can be questions about configuration and verification of data path used in virtualisation technology.
  • Or maybe you will be asked to tell the concepts of network virtualisation.


  • Layer 3
  • Layer 2
  • Wireless
  • IP services

In this part they may be asked you questions about these concepts related to Infrastructure and you have to give them answers really vigilantly. As these questions can be tricky somehow.

Network assurance:

  • Diagnosing different network problems which are using tools such as debugs, conditional debugs, trace-route, Syslog and Ping.
  • Questions can come about configuration and verification of logging using Syslog for monitoring devices.
  • Configuration and verification of flexible net-flow and net flow.
  • Configuration and verification of SPAN, RSPAN and ERSPAN.
  • Verification and configuration of IPSLA.
  • You may be asked to describe cisco DNA centre and their workflows that how it can be applied, monitored and configured.
  • Configuration and verification of NETCONF and RESTCONF.


  • You have to interpret important Python scripts and components.
  • Construction of valid JSON encoding of files.
  • Making high level advantages and principles for modelling data language such as YANG.
  • You may be asked for description of APIs for data centre and Cisco Vmanage.
  • There can be questions about comparing the tools of agent-less and agent type categories. For example, Puppet, Ansible, chef, Salt-stack.
  • Construction of EEM applet of troubleshooting, data collection and automation of configuration.

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