Looking to invest online? Wanting your money to work for you? Starting the year off, we have had lots of news regarding an influx in investments being done online through stocks and assets. Many have looked for possible trading platforms wherein they can invest in these exchanges and trade for profit. If you are looking to do so, the first step will be to look for a reliable broker that will provide a functional platform for you to trade-in. As such, it is essential that we first understand the broker itself and the intricacies behind it.

How Good is Quotex

Many brokers exist in the market. You may be looking for a Forex broker to trade currencies or for a CFD Broker (contract for difference) to invest in contracts rather than real assets. These variations are many and therefore, the right one for you may just be around the corner.

What is Quotex?

One such broker is Quotex, a brand-new trading platform that effectively offers 410 assets available for trading digital options. These include currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices, and even commodities (gold, oil, etc.). The markets included in this stock trading platform are based upon contracts for different trades and will be paying out differences in contract prices upon trades. With this in mind, Quotex is relatively new, having only started being a licensed broker in November 2020. Despite this, its functionality allows for quick and easy-to-understand digital trading and is effectively regulated by the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Centre (IFMRRC).

How Do You Start Investing?

A user is given a single trading account to trade from which you can sign up easily. This being said, starting to trade will only require you a minimum of $10 starting amount in your account. You may do this by using bank cards, e-payment systems, or trading cryptocurrencies into your account. You may use their web-based platform which can also be accessed through your mobile phones by using a browser.

What is the Trading Platform Like?

The trading platform provides a good perspective of the current prices in the market through its live rice chart. Users have the option to view different time frames as well as view multiple graphs when they need to. Quotex also offers built-in indicators that can be adjusted and tuned in accordance with how the user wants it to be. The platform also provides drawing tools that can help the user make projections about their current investment.

How will You Get Your Money?

As yet, the platform does not require commissions upon trading and therefore, trading is not at all costly to do in Quotex. Once you have traded enough and would want to take your profits, you may simply withdraw them to your linked accounts. Minimum amounts for withdrawals are set at $10 as well, although this goes up to $50 for Bitcoin transactions. Withdraw right ahead and don’t worry about fees, provided that Quotex doesn’t charge them for depositing or withdrawing your money.

So, what are you still waiting for? Sign up now and get to trading!