How Do Flange Spreaders Work?

| Updated on October 30, 2023

A flange spreader, also known as a flange separator, is industrial equipment that aids in the opening or separation of flanges. Flanges are typically seen on pipes, and they are used to link them or to cover or close them. Flanges are used by many workers in the gas, oil, as well as plumbing industries, to name a few.


Flanges could rust or deteriorate over time. Because technicians are unable to open the flanges, it is impossible for them to make repairs or perform any work inside the pipes. By moving into the gaps with a hydraulic-jacking system till they open up, the spreader or separator equipment helps to extend and disconnect troublesome flanges.

How Much Does a Flange Spreader Cost?

You should expect to see a wide range of prices when looking for a spreader or separator built for flanges. The cost is determined by a variety of factors, including the system configuration and size.

The size is the most important aspect in determining the tool’s pricing. Spreaders and separators with larger capacities will be more expensive than those with smaller capacities. This is mainly due to the fact that working with larger tools necessitates a more sophisticated system than working with smaller ones.

Where to Get the Best Flange Spreader?

  1. River Lake is a combination of our founder’s parents’ hometown names: Sichuan Province (River) as well as Hubei Province (Lake) (Lake). Taizhou Chuanhu Hydraulic Machinery Co, Ltd. was founded by Tang Lianhua in 2005 as a maker of high-pressure hydraulic tools in China. Hydraulic lifting cylinders, bearing pullers, hydraulic pumps and or power packs, flanges spreader equipment, hydraulic nut breakers, hydraulic workshop press, hydraulic torque wrench, bolt tensioner tool, bolt tensioner pump, Riverlake Hydraulic torque wrench power module, and more are among our major goods. Their products have been shipped to various nations and locations, including the United States, South Asia, and Africa, due to their high quality and professional service. They now manufacture in Yuhuan Longxi Industrial District, Zhejiang province, at their facilities with a total surface area of 5.000 m2 and 50 people.
  2. Hyseco, Inc. is a hydraulic wrap, mill grade, air, single as well as double acting telescopic, multi-stage, and welded cylinder distributor and custom manufacturer. Materials utilized include 316 or 304 stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, carbon steel, brass, and ductile iron. Available in pressures ranging from 1,500 – 3,000 psi and a variety of configurations. Automatic bleeder valves, bearings, setup screws, heavy-duty retainer bands, plunger dampers, thread head nuts, and dual lip wipers are among the features that differ by model. Ridged, trunnion, clevis, cross tubes, rod eye, spherical, and threaded rod ends are among the mounting and rod end choices available. Applications include refuse trucks, solid waste packers, stationery, mobile trash compactors, transfer, as well as push-out trailers. Oilfield, construction, mining, petrochemical, and maritime industries are all served.
  3. Beswick Engineering Co., inc. Manufacturer of stainless steel hydraulic as well as pneumatic cylinders. Maximum pressure ranges from 250 to 350 psig. Internally threaded ports, a brass body, plus Buna-N seals are among the features. Analytical equipment, medical, dentistry, semiconductor, aerospace, automated, bomb gas/narcotic identification, hydrogen fuel cells, plus packaged food are among the sectors that the company serves.
  1. In the year 1991, Canara Hydraulics was founded as a sole proprietorship in PIA, Bangalore, India. As a modest hydraulic cylinder production unit for industrial applications, they entered the industry. As they moved into the construction of Hydraulic Cylinders for Material Handling as well as Rig Equipment, they continually got bigger and bigger and capability. Canara Hydraulics was becoming a Private Company in 2001, and since then, they’ve extended its reach into a variety of industries, including agriculture, bulk handling of materials, architecture, defense, mining, as well as more. They specialize in the manufacture of single-acting, dual-acting, multi-stage telescopic, plus pneumatic hydraulic cylinders, and also hydraulic systems including such power packs and rotary joints. Hydrostatic Static Steering Valve was also developed and commercialized by their R&D team. They manufacture hydraulic cylinders for building machinery such as boom pumps, mobile hydraulics such as garbage compactors, material handling systems such as reach stackers, as well as mining equipment such as universal drilling machines for a variety of OEMs across the world.
  1. Guangdong Metal Forming Machine Works CO. LTD is a hammering manufacturing company in South China that integrates professional design, research and development, manufacturing, and service. This is the first group of domestic forging companies to receive ISO9001 certification. The quality of the items is consistent and reliable, whereas high-tech products represent 90% of sales revenue. The product structure has evolved in the directions of process automation, high speed, precision, scale, as well as efficiency as a result of technological change and sustainability.



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