It can get frustrating when you can’t use your mobile phone properly as a result of poor signals. Due to how vital our devices are to daily activities today, it is advisable to avoid this at all costs. However, this situation can sometimes be uncontrollable, and it can be experienced at any time and anywhere. The problem of poor signals is usually blamed on your distance from a mobile phone mast. Still, it is important to know that this is not the only reason as factors like the landscape, the device itself, and buildings surrounding you can also be a reason for this. Now that you know that the reasons for poor signals are diverse, below are some effective ways to improve it: 

Change Your Network Provider

Your network provider can sometimes determine good signals. To be able to enjoy great signals, your network provider should also offer good coverage, especially in areas where there are few mobile masts. The quality of coverage provided by most mobile network providers depends on your location. You are advised to seek an alternative if your network provider does not offer good enough coverage for your location. Numerous coverage checker tools can also help you with this. When confused about the right way to go about this, you can visit our website for more information about your phone signal, network, and many more. 

Find a Higher Spot for Your Mobile Phone

When you are suffering from the problem of poor signal, it is important to know that your phone’s reception can be improved with height. As a result of this, it is always suggested that you go higher to a place with fewer obstacles when you start experiencing poor signals. When at the foot of a hill during this situation, climbing the hill can remedy it. 

Open a Window

This is another effective way to improve your phone signal. You should know that these signals are in the form of radio waves, and they can find it difficult to pass through walls and thereby result in poor reception. Opening your window or standing next to an opened one can improve your signal tremendously. 

Try the Outdoors

Another way to improve your phone signal is to go outside, especially when trying to make a call. As said earlier, these radio waves can struggle to pass through walls and other mediums. It can even get worse in basements, underground garages, and places constructed with concrete and steel. 

Use a Signal Booster

Another way to improve your signal is to use a signal booster. It is a way to boost your phone’s reception using your home’s wifi connection. This option is advisable to those living in areas with little or no mobile coverage, and it is not restricted to rural vicinities alone as people in basement flats can also experience bad signals. The right way to go about this is to contact your network provider to see if they offer a signal booster option, and if they do not, you can switch to a network provider that does. In some places, it is illegal to get signal boosters from unlicensed parties; therefore, have this in mind when trying to use this option. 

Allow Your Phone to be Well Charged

Sometimes, how charged your phone battery is, determines how well you enjoy a phone call. A well-charged battery not only powers the phone but also enables it to maintain a good signal. You can experience poor signals and dropped calls when your phone battery is low.  

Rid Your Surroundings of Electronic Devices 

If you experience bad signals while trying to make a phone call, this could be as a result of the presence of other electronic devices. Laptops, microwaves, and other electronic devices, in some cases, can mess up your phone signal. Leaving your Bluetooth or wifi on can also interfere with the quality of the signal you get. 

Be Aware of the Position of Your Phone

Some devices work based on position, and when they ar0e not properly held, it could interfere with your mobile signal. When trying to make a call with a headset, you should be conscious of your phone’s antenna so as not to block signals. To prevent this from happening, you can use a hands-free headset instead. 

Finally, it is important to know that you can use your home’s wifi router connection to make calls and send messages. This goes a long way to spare you the hassle of low signals.

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