Why Bitcoin is Going to Signal the Start of a New World Order?

| Updated on October 6, 2023


Ever since Bitcoin first made its way as a decentralized form of currency, numerous conspiracy theories have been attached to the same. Some say that there is a secret group of people who run world affairs, who have engineered Bitcoin’s creation.

I am sure you have heard of the ‘Illuminati’!

Others say that Bitcoin is the handiwork of America’s Central Intelligence Agency or CIA. The CIA probably wants to control how the world’s global financial systems work, and hence collaborated with mathematicians, scientists, and financial experts to fulfill this aim.

While still others, a new third group of theorists, state that the Chinese state is behind this and wants to use the same as a way of establishing its global domination and hegemony.

However, one thing is certain; Bitcoin is quite revolutionary in concept and execution. In this article, we are going to explore the rise of a New World Order, which will be led by Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies in the space.

Why can Bitcoin Lead the New World Order?

The idea behind Bitcoin is pretty revolutionary. A financial currency of the global people, by the global people, and for the global people!

In other words, the idea of your own money and its control is in your hands and not being subject to governments and institutions is very attractive.

Add to the fact that the decentralized nature means that you do not have to ensure regulations or taxations allows individuals to maximize their gains from cryptocurrencies.

Human beings have come to embrace technology in a major way. They believe every form of tech, be it a smartphone or a home voice assistant, is making their lives easier.

Just after a decade, Bitcoin is the new watchword on everyone’s lips. People are either researching it, trading in Bitcoin through the official website, or are exploring supporting technologies around it like Blockchain.

Some have even started comparing the invention and innovation of Bitcoin to that of the ‘Internet’. We all know how the internet changed the way we lead our lives. Does Bitcoin hold the same potential?

Bitcoin is Based on Human Values of Sharing, Collaborating, and Trusting

This section will go into some technical bits to understand how human values have been intrinsically inbuilt into Bitcoin and Blockchain.

The idea of sharing, creating your trust, and collaborating is the major powering force behind Bitcoins. In the recent past, data violations, security, and concerns have exposed us to several threats.

The cryptographic promise of Bitcoin means that the system is infallible. Just to state a fact, which many of you would not be aware of. Ever since its inception, the entire Bitcoin and Blockchain network has never ever been hacked even once!

As an individual, I would never want to fall victim to financial fraud. When you start using Bitcoins as a form of currency or as a store of value, you eliminate this possibility forever.

The network’s shared nature means that everyone on the same acts as a credible and trustworthy backer of transactions. If there is one error, the transaction does not go through.

Is Bitcoin a Threat to the Domination of Governments and Financial Institutions?

The simple answer to the same is a resounding YES!

Imagine the profits these bodies make just to facilitate money, which belongs to us at the end of the day. We need to keep waiting for them to process our money, charge massive commissions, and create several hurdles.

With Bitcoin, they will lose their authority, valuation, and assets. This is why their resistance is stemming from their fear of going broke. As these bodies command huge financial resources (which they have accrued by exploiting us), they do not want to let go of their privileged positions.

Bitcoin and Blockchain technology is a clear and present danger to their lives, and they are trying to do everything in their power to sabotage the same.

The Bottom Line

As Bitcoin goes more mainstream, it is only a matter of time when it will start challenging traditional authorities’ dominance. People are going to see immense value in the system, for it has been made on those lines.

Joseph Williams


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