Apple has always been trying to protect our personal information with different kinds of privacy policies. They have already made your data secure for a long time.

As we all heard that Apple is going to make big changes in its privacy policy in its upcoming update iOS 14. To let you know, these changes are going to be big enough to affect Facebook ads, developers, and publishers.

This new update means two things, one is that your data will be more secure and the other that advertising through social media platforms like Facebook will be less effective.

Well, that’s what Apple said to us, we can’t be 100% sure about their statement.

But let’s suppose that it affects Facebook’s advertising, so why is Facebook exactly worried about it? Well if it affects advertising that means eventually businesses will lower their spending on Facebook Ads, and thus it’ll be a big hit to its revenue. Want to know how Facebook Ads work? Refer to the research gathered and put through in simple words by Atomic, a UK based PPC Agency

So what does this update contain? How can it be so harmful to Facebook (especially)? Let’s find out!

New Privacy Policy After iOS 14 Update

In today’s world where privacy is your main concern, someone in this world should care about your privacy and take action. Well, Apple is doing it. Apple’s core attention in the new iOS 14, iPad 14, and tvOS 14 updates is the protection of your data.

The new update will let you know about the data any app tracks, the information will be provided on the download page of all applications. Any developer will also have to submit details about their privacy policy, details about the data they are going to collect, and their intentions of using their data.

These things are enough for many applications to get in trouble that uses your data without your knowledge. There’s more to this update, yes that’s not all.

The thing that will mostly affect Facebook is something related to permissions. In this update, any app will have to take your permission to track your data. Till now, platforms like Facebook used to create huge privacy policy pages. These pages contained all true or false information the company provided and had many flaws.

But getting permission from the user is not as simple as writing a full-page flawed privacy policy. Neither is it as simple as giving users a popup with an “OK” button. Now users will have the option to be okay with the tracking of their data or not okay. Yes, now you have a choice to deny many apps from taking away your personal data. And that’s a good thing, at least for the users but a bad thing for advertisers, publishers, and businesses who rely on these networks for their revenue. It will hit many small online businesses too!

Facebook lets you know about your data being collected and used and there is also an option through which you can opt-out of the data collection thing. But mostly, we install any app and go straight on using them without giving much time to privacy issues. But now users will get a popup when they open any app that intends to use your data.

Data Tracking Types that Require User’s Permission

Below are some examples of the types of data tracking that will require your permission before they can take away your data:

  • Displaying targeted advertisements in your app based on user data collected from apps and websites owned by other companies.
  • Sharing any information like an email list or advertiser ID with a network that is a third party.
  • And much more data that should stay private to you.

How This Affects Facebook’s Audience Network?

Facebook Audience Network is a system of advertisements that is mostly seen on mobile phones. There are two sides to Facebook Audience Network: Publishers, who place ads on their programs in order to market products; and advertisers are those who invest to attain their targeted audience.

Facebook says that “we will still continue to function advertisements, however, the ability to deliver customized ads on iOS 14 will probably likely be limited or decreased.” They also mentioned and informed publishers that they will get less revenue.

This news is bad for publishers who use these platforms to generate revenue. Some users might not see ads while others might see less related ads. It means less revenue as the CPM will decrease. It also means reduced CPMs for advertisers too. But not to worry, our friends at Atomic, a Top-Notch UK based Digital Marketing Company are up and ready to help you with your advert solutions at their best.

For some, it’s good news as finally, users will be able to protect their privacy. Whereas it is the worst news for advertisers and publishers who rely on these kinds of platforms for their revenue.