Home renovation is one of the productive activities that one can indulge in during this lockdown period. COVID-19 has impacted our professional lives, but while sitting at home we have various other things to channelize our productivity. Here we will be discussing how you can renovate your house to give a new look and feel. Make sure first plan a budget and then buy the required items accordingly. You can even take help from expert architects, but if you are low on budget or want everything to do on your own, we advise you to search the web and make a list of the best decorating ideas. And if you’re looking for some amazing sales, be sure to check out Black friday bathroom deals.

Divide and Plan

There is one famous phrase “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Thus we suggest you focus on a bigger picture. So, instead of focusing on every little detail, pick a specific area of your home to start with. Then, make a plan for the chosen area and implement it. You can hire an architect to create a renovation plan for your house, or you can simply brainstorm and use your own creativity.

Paints and Lightings

After making a plan start with the paints and lightings of your home. You can change the color of the walls and try color palette combinations that fit in your budget. Black and white is the evergreen combination that works most of the time and gives a sophisticated look to your house.

Make Small Rooms look bigger

If you own a room that you find small, there is an expensive way to make it look bigger and i.e. using mirrors. Sir John, the great architect shared this technique that he used in the breakfast room of his London house.

Kitchens and Storage

Decluttering is the main task of renovation. This will enhance the storage capacity and help you solve the storage problems. In order to maximize the use of space, we suggest you create DIY kitchen cabinets using recycled material, replace your massive old boiler with a new boiler that is compact in size.

You can arrange the kitchen items as per needs and this will give you better hold on the kitchen area. Repainting the kitchen is also a great idea to give it a fresh and new look.

Renovate Windows For Better lighting

Marc Appleton said, “half the experience of living indoors is seeing the outdoors”. Therefore whenever you are renovating your house, make sure you paint the windows lighter than the rest of the house. This will improve the intensity of light coming through windows and make your place look lively.

Renovate Bathroom 

Bathroom renovation is quite cheaper than that of the rest of the house. You can buy the cheapest products to renovate your bathroom. You can install a new toilet fixture, paint your bathroom and change cabinets and fix the pressure of the shower. There is no need to be extra fancy, just be classy and sophisticated.

Floor Renovation

If you are tight on budget, floor renovation may look quite expensive. There is a trick to this, instead of buying the new flooring installation, you can change everything else about floor design. If you want you to polish the floor tiles and make them look new or paint the little details of the floor to give it a new look. 

The basic goal of the renovation should be redecorating the house at a low cost but enhancing the beauty of the house. 


Renovating is basically the process of beautifying the house for better comfort. But there should be a pre-set budget so that you need to invest less for better outcomes. The key to staying in budget is solid planning and availing discounts. You can redeem coupons if you have or purchase new ones, just click here.