AliExpress is a popular eCommerce platform that mainly sells Chinese products. Launched in 2010, it operates under the Alibaba Group with the headquarter based in Hangzhou, China. It is frequently visited by the people in Russia and Latin America but people from other countries can also shop with AliExpress. A lot of people confuse Aliexpress as an online store but it is a platform that connects buyers with sellers. 

Read the Product Description

Firstly, you should read the product description to make sure it is the item you want to buy. There should be real photos of the product on the page. If you are buying an item with a measurement, make sure you check that it is the right size. For example, a pair of jeans must have the right measurement for the best fit. The Chinese size table has different measurements than the US size table. 

Check the Seller’s Feedback

You’ll want to check the seller’s feedback. The seller’s score can be found on top. A green rating means that the seller has good feedback while a red rating means that you should avoid the seller. The seller’s score is calculated based on several factors including communication, item as described, and shipping speed. If a customer gives 4 or 5 stars, the seller will earn one point. If a customer gives 3 stars, no point will be given. If a customer gives 2 stars, 1 point will be deducted. You are to go through the consumer comments to get an idea of the product quality.

Besides, you can check how many times the item has been purchased by others. If you have any questions, you can contact the seller to get them resolved. You could also check the guarantees the seller offers in the Seller Guarantees tab, Buyer Protection, and Quick Info. There are several guarantees the seller offers such as on-time delivery, refund, domestic returns, and guaranteed genuine. 

Placing the Order

Next, you can click on the Buy now button to place an order. You will be able to select the color and the number of items with easy options. You need to double-check the color you choose. Sometimes, the color is inaccurately described in the picture. In the address fields, you must enter the correct address to ensure that this parcel is shipped to your address on time. The address can be saved for future orders.

Usually, people will add several addresses to their accounts. For example, you can address your home, office, friends’ homes, and relatives’ homes. At the end of the checkout, Aliexpress will let you review the details of the order including total cost, size, color, and delivery method. There is also a prompt to contact the seller just in case. You can opt for a faster shipping method but it will cost you an extra fee.

Making Payment

The last step is to make payment for the order with your credit card. It also accepts Paypal, bank transfers, Web Money, and Yandex Money as payment. Bank transfer can only be used to make payments for orders that are worth over $20. An additional fee will be charged when you choose to make payment with a bank transfer. If the payment is successful, a confirmation email will be sent to your account. The payment is held until the product has arrived at your address and you approve the order. This is the way Aliexpress protects the buyer. 

Warranty Protection

Aliexpress offers several types of warranty for the customers. The warranty conditions vary across different countries. Some countries can get a 1-year warranty offered by Allianz Insurance Company when you buy a cell phone or tablet. If you are from Russia and Ukraine, you can purchase an additional warranty for local repairs without having to pay any additional shipping fee. Buyers from the country of the European Union can enjoy a 2-year warranty and they also stand to return the item within the first 2 weeks to receive a refund.


Aliexpress offers two types of refunds. You can receive a full refund if the order did not arrive at your address. A partial refund can be offered if the item you order is significantly different from the description. 

Avoiding Frauds

Aliexpress is a Chinese shopping platform so you need to be careful when spending money there. Many of the items are replicas so you will want to avoid buying authentic goods. For example, instead of buying an iPhone on Aliexpress, you can buy an iPhone case instead. It is recommended that you always make payment with a credit card instead of sending money via wire transfer. If you did not receive the order yet, you should not confirm the delivery. If you do this, the seller will receive the money. If you happen to have a problem with the item, you will have a hard time getting the seller to refund.