With an exponential increase in the number of players and watchers over the globe, the world of E-sports is starting to gain recognition as a legitimate sporting event. And as with any sport like basketball or swimming, E-sports has its own sporting equipment to consider.

Apart from the technical equipment like computers and keyboards needed, another piece of equipment that’s integral for any pro player is the E-sports chair. Now it may not look like it, but using the right gaming chair can mean the difference between winning and losing. It goes hand in hand with the right portable gaming laptop or computer to achieve the optimal gaming experience. To start, here are three reasons why it’s so important to pick the right chair. 

1. Ergonomics 

The first big reason is none other than plain old ergonomics. Gamers sit for hours and hours, just like office workers do. However, there are stark differences between gaming and office chairs. For example, gaming chairs often have fixed headrests, while office chairs are adjustable. The seat shape and edges are also different, not to mention the backrest recline. And most importantly, gaming chairs usually come with external lumbar pillows muscle memory ergonomics.

These unique features help to provide back and neck support to the gamer. They help prevent back pain and are conducive to preserving comfort even after sitting for long hours immersed in the game. Not only does it prevent any pain from distracting the gamer during a close match, but it also reduces the risk of developing chronic aches in the future. 

2. Ease of Cleaning 

If you spend most of your waking hours’ training as a pro-gamer, the chances are that you won’t have a lot of time on your hands to do a deep cleaning. This is where the material of gaming chairs come into play. Instead of the spongy materials or cushions that ordinary chairs have, gaming chairs are usually made with leather. 

This sleek material not only looks the part but is super easy to clean as well. A quick wipe down with water will usually do the trick — perfect for a gamer hard-pressed for time. 

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Any gamer, pro or not, will tell you that no gaming den is complete without a real gaming chair. It doesn’t matter if they’ve got the latest consoles, computers or games, as it’s the chair that puts them in the mood. And studies have shown that it’s not just a visual thing, and there are actual parts of the design of the gaming chair that make the entire gaming experience that much more immersive. 

For one, the bucket seat design of the gaming chair is inspired by racing car seats. The two sides are raised, securing the lower body. It feels like sitting in a racing car, a plus for gamers who play racing games that need that additional immersive boost. 

So the big question now is whether it’s worth spending tons of money on gaming chairs. Well, the short answer is yes — only if you find one that has an excellent ergonomic design, good material and is built to last. If the chair you’re looking at doesn’t have these qualities, it might be worth thinking twice if it’s worth the money just for the aesthetic appeal. Not sure where to look? Here are our top three recommendations to start you off on your search.  

#1. DXRacer Classic Series Big and Tall Gaming Chair 

As its namesake indicates, this chair is big and tall indeed. It’s great for you if you’re on the taller or larger side. There’s more than enough room on this one so that you won’t feel restricted at all. Its size might take up a load of space, but it quickly makes up for that with pockets in the back for you to store and organize things. 

It’s not just big — this chair is comfortable too! The seat, back, and armrests are thickly padded, so you’ll easily avoid any back pains. There’s also a footrest that you can pop out when you want to give your hip flexors a good stretch. 

The chair is quite sturdy as well, so feel free to recline as you need. The base is made of aluminum metal, which is not only lightweight but is also very strong. You won’t fall off this one for sure, not even during an exceptionally heated game. 

#2. GT Omega PRO Racing Office Chair

Yes, you read that right. You’ll actually find this gaming chair model in offices as well, and for a good reason, too. For starters, it is extremely comfortable. The back support, provided by a removable lumbar pillow, is really good for preventing backaches from long hours in the chair. The armrests are adjustable to your liking, so you can find them easily and give your wrists a break. This is especially useful for those who are prone to experiencing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

The material is excellent, too, with a smooth covering that’s of top-notch quality. It’s not over the top either, and the unique, yet balanced colors make it fit for both a gaming and an office environment. 

#3. RESPAWN-200 Racing Style Gaming Chair 

A huge plus point for this model is the unique mesh backing. This makes it ideal for sweaty players, who may find themselves drenched in intense games. The mesh is high as it allows for lots of much-needed air circulation and prevents dirt and bacteria from accumulating like in the natural leather material. 

Despite the mesh material, this chair offers a lot of support that improves your sitting and playing posture. The low back lumbar support, for one, is hidden behind the mesh. You can even adjust it according to your height by sliding it up or down. 

What sets this chair apart from regular mesh office chairs is also the bucket seat with lifted sides. This enhances the gameplay experience, where the armrests come in handy to rest between matches. Coming in at under 200 dollars on Amazon, it’s certainly more affordable than many other models and is well worth it too. 


Just like baseball bats and swimming caps, gaming chairs are an essential part of the sporting experience. They tend to be easily overlooked or quickly dismissed as overpriced. Still, their value is slowly coming to light as more gamers experience the benefits of having the right gaming chair.