Almost more than 10% of Carolina is water, so there is no wonder in accepting the fact that boating is the most popular activity here. One can manage the boating trip 24/7 in this state. So if you are planning on a boating trip with your friends or family, this article will assist you in making your boating experience memorable and more enjoyable. Find out what best boating destination and things you should consider before starting your trip. 

Boating Tips 

If you have your own boat, you may know it well how tricky it can be to handle a boat. And like driving rules, you also have to pass the north carolina boater exam to get a boating license. Without this license, you’ll not be allowed to start your boating. So make sure you have a boating license and keep it with you when you are in the water. To find some tips to make your trip enjoyable, read below: 

  • In order to prevent hunger and anger, you need to bring more snacks and water to have more fun. 
  • Don’t invite extra guests as it can cause any trouble if you are not a master in handling the ship. 
  • Make sure to give a check to the weather forecast before leaving home.
  • Know the landmarks and route in case your GPS stops working. 
  • Make sure your boat has installed all required safety equipment. 
  • Don’t forget to keep the sunscreen. 
  • Don’t bring the alcohol onboard. 

If it is your first time on the water, it can be a little intimidating, but there is a big community of boaters waiting to offer you advice to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable. You can also find colorful fishes like cichlids to make your aquarium beautiful. 

Learn About the Boating Destination in North Carolina 

High Rock Lake 

This is considered the best destination for the boating trip. It is best known for fishing and largemouth bass. High Rock Lake is the second-largest lake in North Carolina, you’ll find this lake between Rowan and Davidson counties, at the bottom of High Rock Mountain. 

Jordan Lake 

Jordan Lake is the best boating destination for the family. When your plan is to entertain the whole crew from furry friends to junior boaters, this lake is the place. Jordan Lake has boating ramps with nine boating access areas along with swimming beaches, hiking trails, and more than a thousand shoreline campsites. 

Bonus: Lake Lure 

How can we forget this dreamland full of scenes in the 80s classics? The locals of this place call it Dirty Dancing Lake. Every summer, there is a Dirty Dancing Festival with two full days of dancing and live music. There is no way that you will get bored here since this Lake has too much to offer you. 

Lake Norman 

This Lake is considered the best place for sports. Water-skiers and wakeboarders are welcomed here. Sinc4e it is the largest Lake in North Carolina, you’ll not run out of space. Also, you have no need to worry about getting lost in this place because Lake Norman is so expansive and full of facilities.