Your Lawn grass is turning brown and you are tense. Don’t worry. You are not the only one who is facing this situation. You just need to find out what the reason is and how you will restore your green grass. With this article, you will get to know some green grass lawn care tips and how you will maintain it.

Green Grass Lawn Care Tips for Your Garden

Though maintaining your lawn is a little bit difficult, it can be easily achieved by following some of the maintenance rules.

Get some necessary tools to have healthy green grass in your lawn such as

Garden hose – a garden hose brings valuable water to your grass from the faucet.

Sprinkler – sprinklers are needed so that all sides of your lawn get equal water, and this helps your grass to grow healthy.

Lawn rake – when you will find extra leaves in your lawn, you can remove those with this rake.

1. Water the grass when it is dry

During the dry season, your grass will need water at least once or twice a day. Try to give water in the morning time to your law. If you want your grass to grow successfully, then please be sure that your grass can get enough water.

Many experts suggest that Mother Nature is the best option for watering, but what will you do in the summer or dry season?  If your grass gets watered in scheduled time, then they will provide a beautiful nature around you.

Best time to water – choose the morning time to water your grass. That time is the coldest hour of the day and will reduce the evaporation.

Frequency of watering – based on your soil type and temperature of the weather, decide how much water you need to put on your grass.

Make sure while watering you get the job done quickly without wasting it. To stop water wasting, buy the necessary tools.

2. Mow high

How will you find out whether you have healthy grass or not? The taller grass you have, the healthier it is. Sometimes you need to mow your grass so that they can get their proper nutrition. 

Experts always suggest that you should mow your grass when it is almost dry, and tall around 3 to 3.5 inches long. Then it would be best if you cut it short in 2 to 2.5 inches long. Now your grass will absorb enough water.

You need to get your mower blade sharpen so that the result from this can come out just perfect as you want. With dull blades, your grass will be rough, and they will become brown quickly. If possible, try to change your mowing pattern frequently so that there will be no weakened or stressed grass in your lawn.

3. Aerate Compacted Lawns

Soil compaction is a common problem which you will face most of the time in your lawn and that time, and your soil needs some air regularly. After this soil compaction, waterlogging can happen in your lawn as air will not be available to the plant and also to the soil organisms.

In that situation, you need to do aerating your lawn with a garden fork by pushing it against the soil regularly. Some holes will create there, and the aeration will break the thatch. This will make the soil healthier and more profound. This will help to get air out from the ground and stop the waterlogging.

4. Fertilizing your Lawn

To get a green grass lawn, the task you need to do is fertilizing the grass. The fertilization process helps to get nitrogen and carbon-based materials to the soil so that grass remains green all year and gets enough nutrients. 

Apply fertilizers once or twice in a year. If you satisfy your grass by providing good fertilizers, then the grass will give you a beautiful lawn. Make sure to choose the right fertilizer for your lawn.

Experts suggest that spring fertilizer helps to grow green grass, and they are rich in nitrogen. Autumn fertilizer helps us to get strong green grass. So like these, you will get many fertilizers in the market.


Well!!! Some things are related to the quality of your lawn. Sometimes you need to take extra care of your lawn grass. It is evident that weather and soil are difficult to control, but if you follow proper green grass lawn care tips, then you will easily manage the difficulties.