Top 10 Solutions to Fix ‘Download Pending’ Error on Google Play Store

Google’s Play Store is the go-to place for downloading various applications for Android users. You can find numerous apps from different categories such as games, movies, books, and so on. But the frustration begins when you are trying to download that new game everyone is talking about, only to realize that the download is showing pending for hours. This error can surprise you anytime for no particular reason but still, we have tried to find out some workarounds. You can try one of the solutions mentioned ahead and see what works for you to fix the ‘pending download’ error on Google Play.

At times Google Play may show you this error as ‘unable to download’ or in the form of ‘download pending’; you can use these solutions for any of such issues you are facing.

Fix Google Play Download Issues with These Easy Workarounds

1. Restart your Device:

Most of the technical issues can be easily fixed by a simple restart and that’s what you must do whenever you come across an error on your Android device with Google Play Store. Restarting your phone may fix the pending download error and then you can give it another shot.

2. Cancel All the Running Updates:

Sometimes a pending download may happen when there are apps updating at the same time. Also, downloading or updating multiple apps at the same time can also make you face this error on Google Play Store.

So if you are in urgent need to download an app, here is how you can get the job done:

  • Open Google Play> Menu> My Apps & Games
  • Look for the applications that are downloading or updating.
  • Press the ‘X’ sign to stop all the running downloads.
  • Now try to download the app you want to use.

3. Check your Internet:

This step is so obvious and also this should be the first thing to check although I haven’t mentioned it at the top. A quick download always needs fast internet and if your Wi-Fi is not that fast you are going to face a pending download while installing apps from Play Store.

Also, you need to ensure that you have set download preference as ‘Over any network’ so that the apps will download no matter if your device is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data.

  • Tap the menu icon and go to Settings> App download preference> Over any network
  • Now try to download the app

4. Check the Device’s Storage:

Another reason due to which you can’t download apps from the play store is that your device doesn’t have enough storage for the app. However, you will receive a notification of low storage space but still to be on the safer side, make sure you have enough storage space on your phone or SD card

  • Check how much free storage you have and the storage required by the app.
  • Now if you have less space, you can free some part of it by uninstalling unnecessary apps.
  • Now try downloading the app

5. Check the Date and Time:

If the time and date displayed by your phone is incorrect, this can be one of the reasons due to which the Google Play Store apps are not downloading or showing as pending. So you must try to change the date and time in order to fix this error as follows:

  • Settings> System> Date and Time> Enable Automatic Date and Time
  • After that restart your device and see if you are able to complete the download.

6. Disable Auto Updates:

If you have enabled Auto-updates on Google Play Store, this can keep you waiting for the download to get over as it will consume most of your network, hence you turn off the auto-updates as shown here:

  • Tap the menu icon> Settings> Auto-update apps> Don’t auto-update apps

7. Clear the Google Play Cache:

Moving ahead, if you’re still encountering a ‘waiting to download’ error on Google Play Store, you must try clearing the app cache and data of Google Play:

  • Go to the Settings section of your Android device.
  • In the Apps section, look for ‘Google Play Store’ and open it.
  • Now, tap the ‘Storage’ option
  • There you will have two options- Clear Data and Clear Cache; first clear the cache and see if the error got fixed or else clear the data as well.
  • Restart the Google Play Store and see if you can download the desired app.

8. Clear Google Play Services Cache and Data:

If the previous step didn’t work for you, try clearing the cache of the Google Play Services app to fix the ‘Waiting for download’ error. Look for the app in the ‘Apps’ section of the ‘Settings’ area and then tap the ‘Storage’ option to ‘Clear Cache’.

9. Get the System Updates:

Another fix that may help when your Play Store downloads are going pending is to download the latest updates available for your Android device. Sometimes getting the latest software fixes the issue in one go. Check if any update or patch is available for your device from the ‘Settings’ section and then tap About> Software updates> Check now. Hopefully, this will fix the issue and will let you download the desired app.

10. Check Parental Control Settings:

If you have enabled Parental Controls on the Google Play Store, this can also create issues in downloading apps. To make sure the parental control option is off, tap the menu icon> Settings> Parental Control> Turn the toggle off for Parental Controls

Now you can retry to download the app from Google Play Store that was earlier showing as pending.

Hopefully, all these solutions will fix the ‘pending download or unable to download issue’ on Google Play Store.

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