7 Unique Gifts for the Travelholic Person in Your Life

We all live a very hectic life where we are occupied with some or other work most of the time. But the fact is that everyone craves to have vacations, go on trips  & tours and to travel the whole world. However, only some of them are brave enough to make it their passion or profession. If you know someone in your life who is a travelholic, you are really lucky because you get to know places through their eyes and narratives. Here are the 7 most unique gifts for the travel-header person you know in your life. 

1) Sturdy Travel Umbrella

An umbrella is a traveler’s forever friend. A raincoat can be a close replacement, but not as good as an umbrella. Going to random places always has climate issues and there are many places where the weather is unpredictable. So, an umbrella is always a savior whether it is rainy or sunny. A rainbow umbrella is an emotion that only a travelholic can feel. You can gift the person a three-fold giant umbrella in rainbow shades on any occasion . It will always make him/her happy to receive such a travel-friendly gift. This will always carry a part of you with him/her whenever he/she travels. 

2) Glass Globe Whiskey Set

Wanderlust is a similar emotion with that of whiskey. If you put a little bit of alliteration, wind-weather-wander-will-wave-whiskey-wine are the famous 7Ws for the wanderlust’s life. So, a glass globe whiskey set is what they would love to take with them at any place they travel in the world. Carrying a replica of the glass-globe filled with his/her favorite whiskey brand sets the mood of traveling at the right node. It is one of the best gifts for a travelholic. It will always make the person remind you whenever they open the globe to have some. 

3) Travel Themed Ornaments

Travelling is no less than opium. It is the travel-heads only who can feel how strong it is. Now, it is true that while traveling, we go out of our casual selves and become a little light. The atmosphere plays a beautiful role in decking up for traveling. So, it is best to have some travel-friendly jewelry/ornaments. It can be a passport keychain,  a wanderlust miniature book,  an Eiffel Tower earring, stunt scooter, a globe bracelet or a purse made of all country flags. Many unique ones can excite the travel-soul. You can get such exciting good-reads at the online gift delivery to USA gift shop sites.

4) Chocolate Box

Some people love to visit places with their favorite ones. But there are some who love to wander the whole world on their own. For them, the most consistent companion is books, a camera, a diary, and chocolates. If you know some lone traveler in your life, gift him/her a bag stacked with varieties of his/her favorite chocolates before they leave for a tour. It is one of the best traveling person gift ideas. So, while being lost at the land of the unknown, this will be the only touch of familiarity he/she will have with him/her. 

5) Skateboards

A skateboard is a perfect gift for a person who loves skateboarding. Even If you have children at home who like to try new adventurous things every now and then, a skateboard would be the best gift you can ever invest in. It engages their muscles and is great for learning balance. That means it’s good for the body and the mind. And you can choose from a variety such as longboard skateboards, cruiser skateboards, mini cruiser skateboards, carve skateboards, double kick skateboards, etc. You can even explore a wide variety online at

6) Perfume

In a world full of wonders, there are few familiarities and one of them is perfume. Everyone loves to smell good, especially when you are amongst a bunch of strangers to be friends. It is a perfect gift for someone who misses his/her companion on a trip. It is his/her favorite perfume that will keep that person near and dear to his/her heart. If you buy perfumes online, you will find a few sets of travel-friendly climate favored perfumes that you can send to him/her according to his/her place of travel. 

7) Water Bottle Filtration System

Water is a hydrating element that is equally necessary for outstation travels. Travelers traveling abroad often face water issues and it is one of the main causes of food poisoning. This bottle with a self filtration system can be the best and a responsible gift that you can send to a carefree traveling friend you love the most. A ‘LifeStraw Go’ filter water bottle filters almost 264-gallon water, removes 99.9% water-borne bacteria and protozoan parasites. It is completely leak-proof and it is bio-degradable; that means not a plastic hazard at all. 

8) Travel-Related Books

A true traveling soul always explores the whole history of the place they are traveling to. So, if your known travel-head is going to someplace, you can gift him/her a book in that place. Fiction or non-fiction, it depends on the person’s taste of reading which you will know better. So, choose accordingly. For example, if someone is traveling Italy, a great book is Andre Aciman’s ‘Call me by your Name’ that explains the nooks and corners of the small town called ‘Crema’ in Italy. 

Travelling is like setting your soul free; that is captivated in your flesh and bone. Above are the best gifts to send to travelholics to stay a step ahead while traveling.

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