How to get the best price for iPhone 12 Pro?

Apple’s iPhone remains one of the most popular smartphones in the world. Since it has a well-designed user interface, uses the latest technology, and is more secure compared to most other Android-based smartphones. Apple is investing a large amount of money in research and development so that the phones incorporate the newest technologies being developed. Hence though the latest iPhone 12 will cost more, many existing iPhone users would like to purchase iPhone when it becomes available. They are aware that the iPhone is a premium smartphone that will cost more compared to other smartphones, so they would like to find out the iPhone 12 Pro price so that they can plan their finances accordingly.


The price of the iPhone12 Pro will depend to a large extent on the specifications of the phone. The memory of the phone determines the cost of the smartphone to a large extent. While the cheapest iPhone12 pr model available has only 128 GB of memory storage, there are models with 256 GB and 512 GB memory storage. Due to the additional memory in the smartphone, the price of the models with more memory will be higher. The iPhone12 Pro is also available in different colors silver, graphite, blue, and gold. Depending on the demand and availability, some sellers are charging higher prices for some models like gold and graphite.


The prospective iPhone12 Pro buyer can purchase the phone online or offline. Many iPhone fans prefer to purchase the phone offline from the local Apple store since they are assured of a genuine product, and also get customer support. If they face any problem with the iPhone, they can easily contact the local store to get assistance, especially during the warranty period. However, due to the higher overheads of the offline store, the prices of the iPhone offline are likely to be higher compared to online prices. If the buyer is paying in installments, he will also have to pay a higher price.


There are a large number of marketplaces selling iPhone12 Pro phones. Many Apple dealers are registered with the marketplaces and they use the marketplaces as an alternative marketing channel. The prices of the iPhone online are usually lower than offline prices due to lower overheads, especially shop rentals and staff expenses. For online sales, the price will also vary depending on whether the iPhone12 Pro is designed for the US or Singapore, with local Singapore iPhones costing slightly more. Usually, the sellers with a better rating or feedback from customers are also charging a higher price.

Telecom providers

Many of the telecom providers are offering iPhone12 pro plans, which combine phone, SMS, and data transfer along with the iPhone cost. Depending on how the user is planning to use the phone, he can choose between various plans available. Then he will have to pay some amount upfront for the iPhone initially in most cases and can pay the rest of the amount in installments for different periods ranging from one year to three years. The price will be higher if he pays over a period of three years.

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