Do You Want to Get 100 Facebook Likes in Less Than A Minute?

Who doesn’t want to get 100 likes on a Facebook post in less than a minute? In fact, everyone be it models, politicians, brands or even an ordinary Facebook user would be thrilled if their posts can generate more than 100 likes in a minute. It can sound absurd, but trust it; this isn’t something about hacking, as it only needs resources and creativity.

Remember, in as much as we encourage you to get Facebook fans or likes, we still need you to engage creativity at its maximum for better results. So, how do you jump from zero to 100 likes within a minute? Well, if you do the following things then you should be able to thrash that goal in less than a minute actually:

Get Facebook Fans

Do you know that you can get real Facebook fans? Of course, you can directly choose to find Facebook likes but real Facebook fans will also bring you more likes within the shortest time possible. Moreover, these people will stay in as long as you give them a reason to stay. So, other than just buying, make sure you design a mechanism to retain all your fans at all times. 

Get Facebook Likes

You can as well as increase real Facebook likes and unleash them on all your posts. Social media users have a tendency of only reacting to a post if it has previous reactions. No one will want to be the first one to like or comment because they’ll look “desperate” and that isn’t cool in any way. And do you think fans will by-pass your posts if you get 1000 Facebook likes and channel them on each post? Well, already that is a sign of interaction and a way of attaining more than 100 likes in less than a minute.  

Use Trending Hashtags

Trending hashtags will help place your post among the posts that internet users are willing to spend their time on. So, make sure that you attract people with quality content because that is the first way of getting likes actually. After that, embed trendy hashtags and you are set to go. Hashtags trend differently every day and so it would be best if you researched first. 

Tag Your Fans

Lastly, if you tag your most active fans in every post, 99% of the odds are that they will react to the post immediately if they are online. And since we live in a digital world, it is easier to gauge when most of your fans will be online. You may not be able to tag all 100 fans altogether, but trust it a few will do.

Moreover, some fans get thrilled when they are tagged and will share the post immediately in all their social media outlets, be it Instagram or Twitter. When their friends click, boom! There you have reactions in terms of likes. If you are also running a fan page, you can tag your personal official handle so that your other fans who are kept on your timeline can see it. Above that, the more the tags the more your post will feature in the news feed of many Facebook users.


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