Many web resources and social media require an e-mail or phone number for verification of personal accounts. Using e-mails in such a case often leads to numerous spam attacks. However, providing a personal phone number is also not so secure as we wish. That is why it is reasonable to keep it private. But what about registration?

HotTelecom has created a genuine service to cope with this problem. 

Benefits of Temporary Numbers 

Whenever you need to validate your personality by one-time code that is sent via SMS, you can just purchase a disposable phone number from HotTelecom. It will serve this purpose as good as you can imagine, giving you the fullest list of advantages:

  • privacy protection and the possibility to stay incognito;
  • protection against spammers;
  • inexpensive and quick registration on different websites;
  • bypassing restrictions for some countries and regions;
  • receiving SMS from any country.

To get your own number, just visit the HotTelecom website, create an account and order this service. You need to select the options that you need and pay for them. The temporary number for one-time usage costs only $1.

Valuable Details About Your Temporary Number

If the idea of buying the disposable phone number from HotTelecom strikes you, check the following details:

  • look through the web resources and social media that are eligible to register with such a number;
  • do not get the temporary number for any bank accounts, because in this case, you’ll need it more than once;
  • remember that the number is going to be active for only half an hour and will be cleared and blocked after this period of time.

With a disposable number from HotTelecom, the registration process becomes much easier and enjoyable. Using it you’ll never need to worry about the safety and the protection of your personal data. It’s a quick and simple way to stay safe on the global web.