What is Folx ?

Folx is a free download manager for macOS with a literal Mac-style interface built by Eltima Software Company. It is an amazing application for Mac users and helps them to download videos without much of haste. It works as a download manager along with the features of a torrent client for Mac. 

Disclaimer- Before using any of the downloader to download videos, make sure it is legally allowed to do so. We do not promote illegal download of videos from any platform.

How Folx Is Becoming Popular?

Users from all over the world have treasured Mac as it is great in terms of interface but does not allow its users to download anything. As soon as people became aware of Folx, they started downloading the application to understand its working and as it has a simple yet trendy interface, people all over started loving it. Folx has become the need of the hour for Mac users as it easily downloads all files via HTTPS, HTTP or FTP on high speed and along with downloads, it also remembers the password of every such site which lets the user to relax. Along with it, Folx offers suitable downloads management system with flexible settings options so that the users get a chance to allocate things on their Mac as per their needs. 

What More Does Folx Have in Store? 

Apart from a free download manager, it also has a similar Mac-style interface which makes it more in fashion with Mac. Hence the Mac users who like more of a modish interface choose Folx for all their desired videos downloads. With availability to change the settings options whenever required, Folx gives a lot of flexibility as compared to other download managers for macOS. As everyone would wish to have applications which work according to their whims and fancies, Folx is always favoured. Folx downloads videos easily via proxy setting.

Not only does Folx is flexible, but it also permits the users to manage torrents overall and thus making it a superior application for direct downloads. The makers focus on having a unique system of sorting and keeping the downloaded content for user’s simplicity. It is one application which can be used by a person who hardly knows to use a computer as well as a tech savvy person whose life revolves around computers. 

These are reasons which have made the application extremely popular but along with these, the user also gets few more mind-blowing features by the application; let us has a look at them: 

  • Folx is compatible with macOS Catalin 
  • Folx is a speedy functioning uTorrent alternative for Mac
  • It seeds, downloads and also does both the tasks simultaneously at any given time by the user.  
  • It authorises its users to straightly search the contents namely music, videos, data, files, etc. from its in-built tab. Therefore, a user need not use another tab for the torrent tracking site. 
  • Exploring torrent trackers by lists is worded by Folx as similarly as browsers and thus making the work easy. 
  • Folx users can adjust the speed of the download. Speed can be surged lower or raised as per the traffic automatically with simple pre-filled instructions. 
  • It can use 10 download threads for changing the speed of the download. 

How To Do A Torrent Search On Folx?

Folx works as an outstanding torrent finder and hence one does not need to open collective torrent trackers on a web browser to find what they need.

Let find how to use it in two simple steps:

  1. Enter a keyword in Folx
  2. Folx is the ultimate torrent search app since a user can, without leaving its interface, search through the extensive list of torrent trackers at once. The space option is easily available for it and one need to type on the same as he would have googled it.

  3. Find torrent and download
  4. When the users can see the torrent which suits them perfectly, they need to click the download option next to it. That’s how straightforward it is! Once the download is completed, Folx can automatically get into sleep mode, shutting down the computer or quitting after the mission as directed by the user. Such an option is available on the settings menu which is very well visible.

Hence we strongly recommend users to use the application once for their Mac downloads and we are sure you will love it!