Have you ever faced this kind of problem like you are in a hurry and need to complete a task within a short time, and your office key is not working properly? Think of such a moment and you might feel frustrated. This is one of the common door lock problems that you might face.

We have received a lot of mail during these topics, and this article is all about different types of locking problems that you might face in your daily life. We will try to describe it easily and interactively. Let’s explore it out!

Main Reason Behind My Door Lock Is Not Working Properly?

There are several reasons due to which your door lock will not work correctly. The most common cause could be the door latch mechanism. If it gets jammed and damaged over time, then there is an absolute chance that your door lock will not work correctly, and in that case, you might have to change the lock immediately for a smooth service.

Sometimes the striker fails to penetrate the door jamb. There is a complete chance that the door jamb has been warped poorly, or the screw has been loosening, which might create some unfortunate incident. If the screw has been loosened off your lock, you can fix that by yourself, and it is not a tough job.

Some Common Reasons That Your Lock Is Not Working Properly

Frozen Issues 

There is an absolute chance that your lock might get frozen in low cold temperature. In the United States, Canada, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Russia, etc. the temperature can be freezing in the winter season. If your room heater is off, the lock might be frozen. You may have tried several times, but the lock is not working properly. 

Now, if you look for instant help, then a lighter might help you to create some hit and will help you to get rid of this problem. Keep a thing in your mind that it could be risky that there might be a chance of a fire accident. You need to heat it properly and then repeat this process. For sound output, you can have a lock-de-icer on your hand and make sure the heating process for unlocking it properly. This is the most common frozen issue that you might face in the winter season.

A New Key Can Make Some Problem 

If you are using a new key for the first time, then it might cause some problems. It will not go in and turn the lock in the right way as some rough spots need to be filled up duly. In that case, you might have to try several times to unlock the door accurately. You should not be worried about it as it will not continue for a long time. After a certain period, this problem will be fixed automatically.

Natural Damage 

If you are using a key for a long time, then the size of the key might be changed, or it might be challenged. It can happen naturally and due to prolonged use. In this condition, the user might have to change the key, or if it is damaged in the wrong way, then you might have to change the entire locking system. 

After prolonged use of almost 5to 10 years, this problem might happen, but it will not occur for all the locking systems. In the modern locking system, you don’t have to be worried about these types of problems as by just using a sensor you can complete the locking procedure, and there is a chance of adding a unique security key.


Firstly, check that if your lock contains a very sophisticated mechanism with a lot of moving parts? If it does, then there might be a chance of malfunction. 

Another thing is, if you have problems related to doorknobs or some part of your lock, you should go for a mechanical solution instantly. These types of issues are hard to solve at home. Call a professional locksmith and then solve this issue.


If you have seen that your door key is not working, the very first thing that you should check is; Are you using the correct key to open the door? 

Now, if we assume that you are using the right key, then try it smartly. Sometimes it might take some time to open the door. Be patient, and do your work intelligently.

Last Few Words  

There might be several problems related to your door lock, depending on the situation. In this case, we are suggesting you use a smart locking system so that you will not suffer. Be smart and lead a safe life!