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The best online business app makes it more effortless to control different aspects of your business, no matter whether you’re at the office, on the go, or working from home. Business owners and entrepreneurs are aware of the need to exhibit consistent agility and efficiency. In this facet, mobile devices almost definitely play a vital role. However, opting for the best online apps can be a little tricky.

Read on to learn about the 5 top online business apps that are currently available.

1. QuickBooks

The online business app of QuickBooks incorporates accounting software that helps manage your operations and gives you an idea of the overall financial health of your company.

You can have recourse to QuickBooks to keep an eye on the sales and expenses of your business. It lets you keep a record of financial statements like profit and loss reports and view and analyze them. It comes to your aid in making payments to your employees and vendors. It lets you keep a watch on unpaid invoices. It also helps maximize your tax deductions.

QuickBooks can simultaneously get you connected with numerous accounts such as your bank account for business transactions, PayPal, credit cards, etc., and upload vital data from all these sources in a seamless fashion. It also makes the process to calculate your business taxes simpler. This is because it keeps a track of your expenses and enables you to upload receipt images from your phone. QuickBooks Online business app helps you gain access to QuickBooks via your Android or iOS devices.

2. Timely

Timely is an online attendance app that makes you capable of monitoring the time and performance of your team in a solitary dashboard. With real-time surveillance of Key Parameter Indicators, you can keep a watch on your team’s performance in connection with metrics such as time invested in work, capacity, etc. The attendance app allows you to create a customized tagging system by virtue of which you can find out how time is spent by each of your employees. You can easily identify missing hours or absenteeism and send notifications to whomsoever need to keep a log of their working hours.

Timely helps keep documentation of overtime, generates and shares timesheets for payroll computation, invoicing, and performance reviews. It shows easy compatibility with other co-running solutions such as Trello, Wrike, Asana, Toggle, Todolist, Freshservice, and many more.

3. PayPal

If you ever think of any omnipresent payment portal for numerous online businesses, the name of PayPal instantly strikes your mind. The massive popularity of this online business app is attributed to the app’s indubitable ease of use. PayPal assumes the top rank as one of the best credit card processing service providers.

PayPal is known to have simplified the integration of payment gateways for leading e-commerce platforms. Every so often, it requires an email address and just a few clicks to successfully process payments.

PayPal comes with no monthly fees, especially for small business products. Its transaction fees are solely dependent on the volume of sales. Even though a number of shopping carts are developed for accommodating PayPal right from scratch, the online business app can also be availed of in the form of a standalone service to take individual payments from customers. This can be done by simply pasting the code for a payment button into the body of an email and sending it. It also offers subscription payments by default.

PayPal is compatible to accept in-store payments via a card reader.  With zero monthly charges and no hidden costs, PayPal is highly sought-after for small businesses and startups.

4. Asana

Basically, Asana, an online business app, puts forward a comprehensive project management solution. Even though the app furnishes loads of handy features for increasing productivity, it puts more emphasis on tracking the progress made by a project.

The app allows you to formulate and make to-do lists as well as reminders so that you’re constantly notified of meeting deadlines. What’s more, via this online business app, you can include colleagues, due dates, task instructions, and put comments on items. Images from other storage devices such as Google drive can be directly sent to Asana. More importantly, you can fully track the whole lot of work you and your colleagues need to put in to ensure a smooth and timely running of the project.

In case you aren’t fully aware of the people involved in certain projects, with Asana, you can look up the list of individuals and teams. Plus, there’s a search function that lets you easily discern finished tasks.

5. Hubspot

Hubspot is an online business app platform that renders wide-ranging tools intended for sales and marketing, content management, and social media advertising. This is a lot further than just creating a website and rewriting its content. It’s also about delivering a broad spectrum of tools for improving conversions and ranks of your website in major SERPs. Hubspot has gained immense popularity for its best-in-class content marketing tools and CRM software features.

All this is accomplished by providing options to carry out content hosting, split testing, and communications among the members of a sales team and also with customers. Furthermore, the analytics software of Hubspot helps keep track of the achievement of goals and targets.


Thus, it’s evident, by bringing in an online business app technology has facilitated all businesses to run faster in contrast to traditional methods used in the past. There’s an app for all business tasks that you can catch sight of, download, and use in your business culture. The finest online business apps simplify your daily work and make it more productive.