A virtual event is an online session that offers webcasts and webinars. People are not there physically but are interacting in a virtual environment. Speakers usually join these sessions for providing live information and answers to the questions of the attendees. Corporate gifts for attendees and speakers are an important part of these events. Companies usually use their best swag ideas for generating gifts and to include the participants of the event. Swag bags are also designed for giving gifts to the attendees of the virtual event. Swag bags are made by various company swag ideas and have a variety of products in them. 

Best company swag 2021 ideas may include personalized cards, video shout-outs, online courses, and e-books. However, companies also use cocktail kits, drinkware, and swag bags are also utilized as the company’s swag ideas. Swag bags may contain water bottles, mugs, or headphones. 

Following are some virtual event gift ideas for speakers and attendees:

1. Swag Bag:

Company’s use their best swag ideas for producing swag bags or swag boxes. People usually love swag bags and miss them if the event is virtual. Therefore, it is the best company swag idea of 2021 to provide the speakers and attendees with these swag bags by post or mail. It contains personalized items or special accessories. Mugs, water bottles, wall-hangings, decorations, caps, and hoodies are some good company swag ideas. However, people also use headphones, hand frees, earbuds, or USBs as part of swag bags given to attendees and speakers of the event.

2. Customized Thank You Cards:

Thank you cards never go out of fashion and people always love them. Cards can be given as a part of swag bags or are given separately as a token of appreciation for attending and being a part of the virtual event. Thank you cards are also sent to the attendees and speakers through various digital mediums. For example, Smilebox and Paperless post are two famous mediums for sending digital cards to the attendees and speakers of the virtual event. Moreover, digital cards act as a cost-effective gift for companies.

3. Gift Cards:

In the era of the digital world, everyone loves a classic card for various purposes. Companies can find a variety of options among these cards and the recipient can use them for multiple purposes. Companies can also collaborate with other brands to provide gifts to the attendees and speakers of any virtual event. Consequently, branding and marketing of the company services are enhanced. These cards can be used to provide sales and deductions from the bills of different shopping brands. Food vouchers from fancy restaurants are also provided through gift cards. Digital gift ideas can also be used by companies such as Darden, or Bloomin brands. 

Gift cards can also provide an option of food delivery vouchers via companies like Uber Eats and DoorDash. All the above-mentioned are the best swag ideas for attendees and speakers of any virtual event.

4. Personalized Video Shout Outs:

Today, people love the shout-out messages for their efforts and support. If these shout-outs are made by some famous personalities such as celebrities, politicians, or YouTubers people become even happier. Therefore, posting a video shout-out after the end of the session is the best idea for thanking the participants. Shout-outs can be created by Cameo which allows companies to buy personalized messages from many celebrities. It has to be noted that the cost for each celebrity is not the same. Companies have to determine their budget first. Furthermore, personalized video messages also help to engage the attendees of the events.

5. Online Courses or eBooks:

If the event is related to educational information the company can provide free online courses to the attendees and speakers. Masterclass and Udemy are two popular platforms for providing online courses. Companies can provide courses related to sales, marketing, communication, cooking, or photography. In addition to this, companies may provide access to different e-books for giving in-depth information regarding a topic.

Five event gifts ideas for speakers

The modern world has given us a variety of options for digital gift-giving. It includes meal and food delivery vouchers, e-books access, online courses, and named donations. Swag bags can also be given to the attendees and speakers of the event for enhancing company values and brand recognition. However, creativity is a factor that can not be compromised while giving digital gifts to the attendees and speakers of any virtual event.