With the pandemic situation and travel bans across the world, there is not much chance that you can go for a vacation, and summer can be boring sitting at home; however, if you are a PC gamer, there is hope as here is a list of Role-playing games that you can enjoy through your summer break while relaxing at home sipping on some margaritas and be taken to another world while playing these games. 

Monster Hunter: World

This game is available on most platforms, and as the title suggests, you need to be hunting monsters in this game. It is exciting for the prize of Diablo’s armor set or just the thrill of the hunt itself as you’ll be addicted to the ways you can take down monsters and be obsessed with the game when you get to face your first great jagras. The game requires you to experiment with different weapons and tactics and has so much crafting potential; it also requires you to make adjustments and optimize your character before going out into the wild world for the fight that is about to come. 

Middle Earth: Shadow of War 

With the Nemesis system back in Middle Earth: Shadow of war really puts the role-playing into RPG. The game makes you feel the hatred of that goddamn Torz the Flesh Glutton or whatever your nemesis is called; however, it won’t seem possible the first time, but after they kill you and you start rising through the ranks, you will find yourself thinking about killing that imposter every time you open the game. What makes this game so interesting and interactive is the way you can manage your followers; you can send them to be spies or just leave them to die in battle, sowing seeds of discontent; there are so many options in this game you will be overwhelmed.

Dragon Age: Inquisition 

You may have heard people tell you that “The people you surround yourself with says a lot about you as a person” the same principle applies to this game. In this, you can go adventuring around the world in dangerous areas alone, which would make you bloody read quickly, so you need to have a group of followers that suit your style of play, the bloodthirsty melee players will benefit from keeping those mages at a distance to buff you in combat, or if you prefer to stay away from the action, you will need to befriend the iron bull. This game takes a while to get to know about the characters, and once you are familiar, you keep coming back for the experience of Dragon Age: Inquisition world. 

World of Warcraft

This game came out in 2004 and is still an amazing RPG to play, thanks to all the new content that keeps coming to keep the game alive and interesting. Recently a Shadowlands expansion was introduced that takes the players to the afterlife and right after that came The Burning Crusade, the expansion which players love and it increased the buying of TBC Classic Gold. it also introduces four new zones and makes you choose a covenant to pledge an alliance to. You can farm, take part in pet battles and finish quests and explore new areas in World of Warcraft. 

Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

One of the most popular role-playing games out there because it takes you into another world, where you can devote yourself to alchemy or go hunting for a Daedra heart, you can go wandering around Skyrim and just grow wheat and live on a farm and accept quests when you want to. The game sends you out in an open world with some looted gear; after that, it is up to you what kind of Dragonborn you would like to be. If you’re interested in trying the game out but don’t want to grind, the best way to skip all of that is to buy an ESO account which will have all the good stuff that you would need to experience the best gameplay possible.

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