When people hear the word “factory,” they typically describe this facility using the following words or phrases:

  • Eyesore
  • Cold
  • A grimy facility that generates waste and pollution
  • A place that houses noisy machines

You may think that factories are destined to look old and dirty, but there are industrial facilities and manufacturing in the world that look visually pleasing.

Aesthetically pleasing doesn’t just mean giving the factory exterior a fresh coat of paint with the help of a reliable industrial painting services provider. A beautiful factory also has the following characteristics:

  • Great Landscape Layout
  • Environmental Efficiency
  • Excellent Interior Functionality
  • Distinctive Design

Before you call any factory an eyesore, consider checking out these manufacturing hubs that are at the forefront of cutting-edge design:

Anchor Brewing Factory (San Francisco, California, USA)

San Francisco is a popular tourist destination known for the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, cable cars, and Alcatraz. This city also serves as the home of the Anchor Brewing Factory.

This brewing hub features rustic, spiral staircases leading from one production floor to another, amber-gold brewing vats, and wood-paneled walls that you will not typically find in a cold, metal factory.

Anchor Brewing Factory gives off a fairy tale kind of vibe the moment you enter the production facility. You’ll find shining brewing vats that are pleasing to the eyes.

Before the current factory turned into one of the first microbreweries in the United States, it served as a repurposed coffee roasting plant. If you’re hitting the road for San Francisco this summer, consider checking out the Anchor Brewing Factory.

Fab 32, Intel’s Semiconductor Manufacturing Plant (Chandler, Arizona, USA)

This environmentally friendly factory is huge. It looms more than one million square feet and has over a thousand employees on its factory floor alone. The Fab 32 plant is what you can confidently call as a headquarter of a technology giant.

The main floor features 184,000 square feet of cleanroom space. This is instrumental to producing tens of millions of energy-efficient computer processors.

Another distinctive feature of the factory is how clean the plant is. The Fab 32 has a Class 10 cleanroom rating. This means that there are ten or fewer particles that measure half a micron or bigger per cubic foot of air.

The Fab 32 is cleaner than hospital operating rooms, as the latter has a “Class 10,000” rating. This means that the air inside Intel’s clean factory is one thousand times cleaner than an operating room.

When you see and eventually visit Intel’s semiconductor manufacturing plant, you’ll think twice about calling another factory dirty.

McLaren Technology Centre (Woking, United Kingdom)

This factory sits at the edge of the lake. What makes this facility unique is the shape of the building. The exterior of the factory curves in a long “S.” The people behind the construction of the McLaren Technology Centre intentionally limited the height to reduce the building’s visual impact on the environment. This means that passersby and even tourists visiting the area can still check out the trees over the top of the factory.

The McLaren Technology Centre was originally supposed to be an office. Then, there was a decision to double the size of the original building to include a production space for automobiles.

Don’t be fooled by the shape of this facility. It’s deceptively massive. The interior of the McLaren Technology Centre is big enough to store Boeing 747 jumbo jets.

Vysota 239 Plant (Chelyabinsk, Russia)

When you visit the Vysota warehouse for the first time, you might immediately think that this factory is an amusement park. After all, this factory has paneled wood floors that line the safe zones and walkways, as well as brilliant colors lining the walls. Ordinary people will never guess that the Vysota 239 Plant is a pipe rolling factory.

The bright design of this production facility is part of “White Metallurgy,” a company philosophy based on a production system and corporate culture. This particular philosophy brings to life a transformation of identity, social environment, work environment, and industrial design.

The company behind this factory believes that comfortable and beautiful interiors boost company morale and productivity, influencing the attitude of facility employees toward work and improving their engagement in the business.

Rioglass Solar Construction Plant (Lena, Spain)

The Rioglass Solar Factory in Lena has a building design wherein colors start to change in magnificent ways.

When you enter the building, you won’t notice the traditional distinction between office and factory space. This gives the factory an egalitarian feel, which the designers believe will promote efficiency and cooperation.

These five buildings shatter the age-old concept of an old, dusty, blackened, and rusty factory people have had since childhood. If the factories in your area look visually pleasing, they may just become the next tourist attraction.