It’s no secret that even the most conservative industries are continually changing. For example, in the financial sector, there is a constant modernization: routine tasks are automated, innovative technologies are being introduced, and professionals must learn how to use all of this. Nevertheless, the choice of vacancies is quite extensive — everyone can find something for their skills.


In general, the auditor is the person who controls the accounting department. This specialist must regularly ensure that all reports are filed correctly and taxes are paid on time and in the right amount. The auditor also checks the organization’s financial documents, evaluates how effectively it works, and gives recommendations to the management on correcting the identified errors.

Where to Work:

  •  as a private person providing services in an audit service;  
  •  as an internal auditor in a large company. 

Financial Analyst

This specialist monitors the organization’s financial condition and manages its cash flows. The main task is to assess how effectively a company is spending money on reducing all possible risks and increase profit. The financial analyst is now required not only to be a pro in this field but also to keep up with all technological innovations — at least, to be able to maintain documentation in Excel-spreadsheets.

Where to Work: 

  •  commercial and state banks; 
  •  investment and insurance companies;  
  •  private equity funds; 
  •  FinTech projects.


The accountant also controls the company’s money, specifically where they came from, where they went, and how much taxes must be paid. As a rule, organizations value specialists who can perform non-standard tasks, such as calculating risks and reducing the company’s tax burden. 

Where to Work: 

  •  in any private or public company that needs financial control; 
  •  in an outsourcing agency that provides accounting services to businesses. 


Compliance-manager is a relatively new profession that has emerged thanks to the increased number of foreign companies. This financial specialist acts as a supervisory authority and makes sure that all the organization’s activities comply with the legal and corporate requirements. For example, he participates in audits, monitors all reports’ preparation, and deals with legislative issues. In general, the compliance-manager minimizes legal and reputational risks.

Where to Work:

  •  commercial companies; 
  •  audit companies; 
  •  banks. 

Banking Specialist

The banking industry is diverse, making it excellent for people looking for a progressive career in a stable and profitable market. To find yourself, you may have to work in different positions and different departments because a bank specialist can be engaged in simple customer service or maintain accounts of entities or individuals.

Lending, investments, securities are part of the banking sector, so you have to learn a lot. Generally, such a sphere loves accuracy, so attentiveness and perseverance will help you become a real pro in this field.

Where to Work: 

  •  state and commercial banks; 
  •  investment companies; 
  •  insurance and credit organizations. 

Thus, anyone looking for a finance career is facing a ton of miscellaneous vacancies. The specificity is different, but everywhere the same professional qualities are required: responsibility, punctuality, the ability to plan strategically. Do not be afraid to master new areas! It is enough to submit a CV and take a step towards a new career. And if you need the money earlier, you can always apply to Payday Depot for a payday loan!