There is a certain level of satisfaction that comes when working alone as an independent contractor, freelancer, or entrepreneur. You don’t have someone breathing down your neck for you to deliver. You also get to follow your own schedule and decide when to work and when to rest. Besides, you have no limitation of where to work from. You can decide to work from the comfort of your living room or in the coffee shop down the street.

However, working alone in isolation can sometimes be lonely. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be. You can join other people like you in coworking spaces and enjoy the inspiration and network that such office spaces have to offer. Here are 4 benefits that you can enjoy working from a coworking space.

1. Allows Networking Opportunities

Coworking spaces bring together like-minded individuals drawn from different fields. You are likely to find people with all sorts of skills and talents. Unlike in a traditional office, coworking spaces allow you to work with graphic designers, web developers, and digital marketers among other professionals under one roof.

The good thing is that you get to network with these individuals who could possibly be carrying solutions to your problems. You are exposed to different minds, which is likely to lead you to different perspectives on something you have probably been having trouble figuring out. Besides, you stand a chance of landing the next opportunity that might skyrocket your venture to the next level among other benefits that come with networking. If you are in Atlanta, for instance, position yourself for the biggest networking opportunity with like-minded people by moving from your couch to a coworking space. You can always find one that suits your needs among the reliable coworking spaces in Atlanta.

2. Eliminates Loneliness

In as much as you would want to get away from meaningless office politics, you can agree that interactions in a traditional office go a long way in making you feel energized, motivated, social and happy. This aspect lacks when you decide to work alone in isolation at home. Unfortunately, it can lead to a negative effect on your mental wellbeing.

Coworking spaces help eliminate loneliness and anxiety by giving you a constant social atmosphere that other places such as coffee shops can’t provide. Every day you get to meet with people from different walks of life with who you can interact and build meaningful connections.

3. Gives Structure and Routine

As mentioned earlier, working alone allows you to create your own schedule and routine. However, this is one of the hardest parts of working alone that most people have to deal with. It can be hard to maintain a regular routine working in an environment that is filled with distractions from pets, kids, your TV, or family and friends. In addition, it becomes hard to separate work from personal life when both are co-premises.

Commuting to a coworking space mimics going to a traditional office. It helps stick to a routine and gives structure to your work. By getting out of your home, you can separate your work from your personal life. It also becomes easier to log off at the end of the day, which is very important for your work life.

4. Helps Increase Productivity

Struggling to follow a routine and dealing with distractions can affect your productivity negatively. It can also be hard to feel motivated and inspired when working in isolation.

Coworking spaces exude seriousness and professionalism. It creates an energetic atmosphere and a focused mindset that comes from working with people who are productivity-driven. You can’t allow yourself to slack off when surrounded by people who are busy and passionately working on their projects. Additionally, the coworking concept is relatively new. These spaces are designed with the modern worker’s needs in mind. You are likely to find social kitchens, outdoor deck spaces, different sitting arrangements, and meditation rooms among others. Everything from furniture to design is meant to inspire creativity and productivity.


Transitioning from traditional offices can be great. However, working from home brings along its own set of challenges and frustrations. Coworking spaces are designed to solve these problems by providing social, inspiring, and motivational workspaces. It also gives a serious work atmosphere to help you remain creative and focused, which improves your productivity.