Servers are quite the sensation nowadays as everyone is taking their business online. Be it an entrepreneur or a student or even a well-established business, the internet holds a certain charm to everybody and all of them can easily reach a much wider audience if they go online. When you are choosing a server, you will be riddled with all the options that are given to you. Dedicated servers are the best of the lot but also happen to be the most expensive. So, if you are thinking of going for a dedicated server, you must make a well-informed decision. You are automatically making a better choice if you are going for a Linux dedicated server. Here are certain features that you carefully need to look for when choosing a server.

Features of Linux Dedicated Server Hosting 

Before we move on to the whole lot of features that you need to carefully monitor and tailor to choose a dedicated server, you must understand the role of a dedicated server. It is unlike any other type of server available to you. With a dedicated server, you not only own all the software applications but also all the hardware elements. The degree of access to the system is the highest in a dedicated server which in turn grants you a plethora of advantages. Before you go for any cheap Linux dedicated server you have to follow these points.

  • OS: A Linux dedicated server is based on an open-source platform and thus is a much better choice than anything else. Handling Linux can indeed get difficult at times, but the ease of using it once you get the hang of it is unparalleled. Linux is also capable of handling much more load and traffic than any other operating system available to you. Just ensure that you go for a provider who is flexible with the OS that you want to run and there are no restrictions and you will be good to go!
  • Configuration: One of the major reasons for going for a Linux dedicated server host is to ensure that you are granted full access to every nook and corner of the system. This access plays an important role, in the long run, allowing you to configure the system in any way that you deem necessary. If your system is not configurable, then the whole idea is a waste of resources.
  • Hardware: A major thing that you can choose to your liking when you are choosing a Linux Dedicated Server is the hardware of the system. You can choose from a plethora of options catering to all kinds of needs. The four most important factors that determine the hardware are CPU cores, storage, RAM, and bandwidth. You need to get an optimum mix of these four components to get your money’s worth. If you are expecting a high load or high exchange of information, then storage should be looked after. If you want pages that always load faster, then you have to go for higher bandwidth. If you care about the overall efficiency of the system, then the number of CPU cores is going to help you out. Your hardware setup for even a cheap Linux dedicated server should be based on the functions of your site!
  • Control Panel: The Control Panel in any Linux dedicated server is key to good management of your server. The control panel is loaded with all kinds of options that allow you to monitor the usage of resources, the traffic on your page, various options to tweak your page to suit different needs, and so on. The better the control panel you get for your Linux dedicated hosting, the more impressive is your experience going to be. cPanel, WHM, and even Plesk are some of the control panels that you get with the Linux operating system. Of these, cPanel and Plesk are the most sought for control panels because of their high degree of flexibility in use.
  • Security: A primary reason to opt for a Linux dedicated server instead of a shared server is heightened security. When you are using a dedicated server, you are more or less cut off from any other user. With a shared server, if any users are blacklisted for some malpractices, it affects all other users tapped into the server. However, that can never happen with a dedicated server. You also have all kinds of accesses with a dedicated server and hence have the options to enhance your security. Regular scans and checks will bring to light the weak sections of your source code, while timely upgrades keep your system up-to-date and away from all kinds of malicious attacks.
  • Management: When you go for a managed dedicated server, the Linux dedicated server price may further go up, but it comes with the ease of having a well-maintained server. Managed servers come with a team of expert IT professionals who know how to handle a server, look for security breaches, and take care of all the needs of a server. If you are using an unmanaged server then you have to understand the working of all these systems and also need to employ sufficient resources and time to maintain the server. With a managed server, this is not your headache and you can employ the time and resources elsewhere for the benefit of your enterprise.
  • Technical Support: The last thing that you have to look after when going for a Linux dedicated server is the technical team of the provider. You want to go for a provider who has customer support that is available 24/7. With servers and the internet, anything can go wrong at any time and you need to be prepared for that. An always available technical support team ensures this help.


Once you get to understand the many aspects that you need to consider before going for a server, getting a cheap Linux dedicated server becomes a very easy task. All you need to do is to make a well-informed decision and take into account all the aspects. Just basing your choice on a cost-effective solution or a high-end hardware solution is not the best way to go when choosing servers. You need to go for an optimum solution and that can only be attained if you carefully look after everything from cost to hardware setup to OS and much more!