• How Eyelash Growth Serums Work?

    | Updated on January 9, 2023

    For many women, having long, glossy eyelashes are a dream come true. With artificial lashes, eyelash extensions, or a lash lift, you may get this look fast and simply. There are, however, products that promise to promote lash development and give you a fuller appearance. These goods may be expensive, ranging from basic castor oil to high-end formulated products. So, how effective are eyelash growth serums? Understanding how your eyelashes develop is the greatest approach to identifying unique items.

    Your eyelashes are born with hair follicles around them, but they develop and fall out in a cycle. Although everyone’s lash cycles are different, it’s common to lose one to five natural eyelashes every day. Nurturing your lashes throughout the growth stages may help them get stronger and thicker, making them seem longer and thicker during the transition and resting periods.

    How Do Eyelash Growth Serums Work?

    Lash serums are solutions that promote lash development by stimulating the growth of the lashes. Serums aim to improve the natural hair follicles’ health. They’re jam-packed with conditioning peptides and fatty acids to aid lash development. The lash serum lengthens the lash development cycle by extending the telogen phase of growth when used regularly. This will lead to stronger and thicker lashes for a longer period.

    The components are mixed in precise quantities to produce a mixture that improves the appeal, look, and beauty of your natural eyelashes. These substances operate together to treat and grow lashes so they are less prone to break or fall out, provide vitamins that prevent the lashes from external aggressors, and condition and add shine.

    Are Eyelash Growth Serums Effective?

    You’ll want to know whether a product will have the required results before putting time and money into it. However, there is no clear answer as to whether eyelash growth serums are effective. Although serums may help strengthen and nurture your lashes by exposing them to peptides and collagen, they don’t always boost lash growth, according to the publication.

    Many “lash growth serums” include chemicals that nourish your lashes but don’t truly promote growth. Most lash serums include a blend of vitamins and oils that protect the lashes from the effects of ordinary living, such as pollution.

    Lash conditioners may help strengthen lashes, keep them from splitting, and inflate them somewhat to make them seem thicker. These vitamins and oils help to strengthen the hair follicles and promote the health of each lash.

    You may try a variety of eyelash serums. In recent years, several skincare companies have extended their product lines to meet the rising demand for eyelash growth serums. This should aid in the development of existing lashes as well as foster the formation of new hairs. You can find out about the best eyelash serums at this link. 

    Why Should Someone Use a Lash Serum?

    While anybody may benefit from using a lash serum, we’ve found that those with weak, short, or brittle natural lashes will benefit the most. Anyone who has had broken or lost their lashes prematurely should apply a serum. Serums may also help those whose natural lashes have grown more fragile or brittle over time.

    How Long Does a Lash Serum Take to Work?

    It usually takes three to four months to get the full effect. This serum takes time to act, and most individuals won’t see any changes until week four. The length of your eyelashes is generally the first thing to alter.

    What Happens If You Don’t Use It Anymore?

    If you run out of eyelash growth serum or just forget to use it, your lashes will revert to normal.

    Is It Necessary for Me to Apply the Lash Serum Regularly?

    Lash serums should be used regularly for around 4-6 weeks to get the optimum benefits. Although we’ve observed that most people see changes after around two weeks of usage. While all serums are different, for optimal results, we recommend using The lash serums 2-3 times daily. To sustain results, the usage of Lash Strong may be lowered to once daily or every other day after desired results are obtained.

    What is the Best Way to Apply the Lash Serum?

    The majority of serums come in a compact mascara-sized vial and may last up to three months. The serum should be administered to the lash line at least twice a day. During application, we suggest removing your contact lenses. While the serum may be used at any time of day, we suggest using it on a newly washed lash line with bare and clean lashes. It’s simple to include this into your morning and nighttime bathroom routines. 

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