Virtual Reality (VR) has been the major power in the technological world for the past few years. It is going to drive the user experience like never before.

Samsung better understands this liveliness concept brought by Virtual Reality and launched the Samsung Gear VR.

Interestingly, the company has bridged the price differences in the market to create high domination among the tech wizards.

Before you ask “where can I sell my Samsung gear VR?” Here’s good news for you!

You can leverage the resale value much more than expected by highlighting its exclusive features.


Well, this article highlights the amazing facilities of the Samsung Gear VR.

Wireless and Have Your Own Control

Earlier, Samsung Gear VR supported only Samsung Note 4, but now, they have extended the support to all Samsung phones with Android version 5.0.1.

This creates the platform for using VR among all the Samsung users. You can make use of this advantage to market your used Gear VR.

Plus, unlike other VRs, this one is completely wireless and ruled out the need for a joystick or any controller. 

The right side of the VR headset has a button for navigation and a touchpad to operate it. 

You don’t need to go back and forth to increase or lower the volume when watching a movie or playing a game. 

Without pausing the video, you can turn the volume up or down using the right side volume keys. 

The focus control dial inside the Gear VR present in the top panel makes you adjust and focus the view based on your preference.

VR Experience

However great the features are, experience matters the most in Virtual Reality, and Samsung did not compromise on it even for a tad bit level. 

The sleek and dark headset is packed with comfortable ergonomic head straps to view it even while lying down. 

You can install VR supportive apps to experience it to its fullest potential. 

Here are some of the best applications you can install

  1. Netflix -Chill watching movies!
  2. PhoneCast -created by Samsung to browse videos
  3. VR Canvas -A VR painting tool to let out your creativeness
  4. VISO Places -A Travel App for the amazing globe-trotting experience.
  5. Skybox -Best for viewing 360° videos.

Most of these applications are completely FREE and complement the Samsung Gear VR. 

Surprisingly Good Quality!

Initially, many people thought Samsung Gear VR was a marketing Gimmick to buy more Samsung products. 

Later, the Gear VR showed the true colors with its impressive quality. The vivid colors and stunning lifelike visuals can make you go, wow! Instantly.

Not only the visuals, but the audio clarity is also crystal clear providing the best 3D experience to the users.

Besides, their 96° view is suitable for people having nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Ease of Use

The major plus of the Samsung Gear VR is its affordability, unlike other high-end models. When other top brands’ VR cost $400, Samsung Gear VR costs only $129. 

Even with the lower price, it doesn’t compromise the user experience. 

You can easily put it on and move it around. Users can select, drag, drop and move with this device seamlessly. 

No technicality or knowledge is required to use it. All young, advanced, old, or any age group can use it with utmost comfort.

The Bottomline

All these above-mentioned features help you market your used Samsung Gear VR and get paid with hot cash immediately.