Ethereum is a decentralized computing platform. You might think it’s like a laptop or PC, but this system cannot function based on just one device. Instead, Ethereum runs simultaneously on thousands of computers around the world, which means it doesn’t have a single owner.

Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies are popular for their ability to exchange digital money. But, Ethereum is beyond just being a currency, you can deploy your own program and interact with applications created by other users. Due to the fact that its system is very flexible, Ethereum allows you to run all kinds of complex programs on its basis.

Bitcoin Technology

Bitcoin relies on blockchain technology and financial incentives to create a global payment monetary system. He presented several key innovations that allow coordinating user actions around the world without the need for central government involvement. 

Since each participant runs the program on their computer, Bitcoin allows them to reconcile the state of the financial database in a trusted and decentralized environment.

Bitcoin is often referred to as the first-generation blockchain. It was not designed to be overly complex and that is one of its strong points when it comes to security. This blockchain is deliberately not flexible due to security prioritization at the basic level. For this reason, Bitcoin’s smart contract language is extremely limited in its capabilities and is not well suited for applications that consider information outside of transactions.

As the price of bitcoins has risen sharply, it has attracted public attention. 

But did you know that there are many other cryptocurrencies, like bitcoins, that you can buy?

They are inexpensive, taking advantage of the profit from nichna.

Therefore, it is wise to invest in altcoins or convert some of your bitcoins to Ethereum, Litecoin, or others.

Platforms for Eth to BTC conversion:

• Binance;

• Cangelly;

• Shapeshift.

Binance is one of the best and largest cryptocurrency exchanges. On it, you can not only buy almost any cryptocurrency but also trade it successfully using Binance margin trading.

The Binance platform is very convenient for exchanging and trading cryptocurrencies, although it may seem a little complicated for newbies. But don’t worry, we’ll walk you through step by step how to exchange ETH to BTC conversion for Binance.

Changelly is an instant cryptocurrency exchanger where you can convert coins quickly. It is possible to buy Ethereum with Bitcoin or vice versa.

Therefore, if you have BTC lying around, you can immediately convert it to ether without any problems.

We used Changelly once and we trust him and he always surprised us with his great service.

Shapeshift is a great way to exchange cryptocurrencies. It allows you to instantly Ethereum to Bitcoin conversion or other coins.

The service appeared in 2013, like Changelly.

Unlike a competitor that allows you to buy bitcoin with a credit card, Shapeshift doesn’t support fiat.

You don’t need to create an account here, so currency conversion will be extremely confidential.