5 Essential Supplies Every Auto Dealer Needs

If you own a car dealership, then you know how important it is to take care of the little details. Apart from just selling cars to customers, auto dealers have to make sure other things are in check for the sale to be seamless. From equipping your store with car key tags to making sure the cars have the right availability signs, car dealerships should have the proper supplies in stock; otherwise, things can be mismanaged and result in complications.

If you’re a car dealership and you’re not sure what essential dealer supplies you need to have with you, then this article will guide you through the necessities. 

Sold and Hold Tags

These tags, as the name suggests, depict which cars are either Sold or on Hold. Having these tags on your cars ensures the vehicles that have already been purchased or booked are marked unavailable to other customers when they come to your dealership. This avoids any confusion if a customer wants to know why they can’t purchase a particular vehicle. There are different types of tags that you can use, ranging from dual-sided tags to ones that you can hang on the front or rear mirror. It’s important to have these tags as you don’t want to sell a vehicle that you already promised to someone else.

Covid-19 Response Products

As more and more companies take safety measures to ensure that the spread of the disease is curbed, it’s essential that auto dealers also take the required steps. Popular products in the vehicle protection line include seat, steering wheel, and gear shift covers, which are an excellent way for technicians and the sales department to avoid the spread of disease within vehicles. You can also use different signs and floor stickers to promote social distancing, hygiene practices, and disinfecting within your dealership.

Key Tags

Car key tags can help you keep your keys organized and in order. They come in several different colors, so you can coordinate keys by department, technician, model, team, etc. You can also get them in different options, including plastic, numbered, unnumbered, and much more. Using key tags can even help you keep track of the respective cars, as you can just label the tag with the year, make, model, body, and color for easy reference. For more information, visit MBR Marketing’s website:

Sales Department Forms

Having your forms and paperwork ready makes it easier for customers to make a transaction. When a customer walks into or calls a dealership, you can enter their information into a Customer Contact Log Books. This way, the salesperson can follow up with them later on if they do not purchase a vehicle immediately. If a customer is looking to trade-in or sell their vehicle, you can use the Used Vehicle Appraisal Books to provide the customer with an accurate estimate for their vehicle. Likewise, there are other sales forms that a dealership can use to streamline the process, and it’s important to have these forms available at all times.

Deal Jackets

Deal Jackets are also known as Dealer Record Envelopes, and they are used by auto dealerships to keep all the pertinent paperwork related to a sale or service of a vehicle. These large and durable envelopes are used by salespeople to ensure that documents are organized during the sales process. 

The documents you can keep in these jackets include sales contracts, credit applications, DMV documents, work done on a particular vehicle, and even records of previous owners. Some state laws require you to maintain some of these essential documents for over 10 years, so it’s always good to have an item that helps you organize and store these documents properly.


All in all, taking care of these little details for your car dealership can go a long way. You need to make sure that your auto dealership has the supplies it needs to be an effective business. From organizing your keys with customized tags to having jackets that keep all your important documents in place, having these items can make an enormous difference for your dealership.

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