The Vcruntime140.dll missing/corrupted error is one of the most common errors you may find while using apps like messenger, Skype, etc., on Windows. In such cases, it’s not possible to use such apps without resolving this error.  This error might be caused by different apps as the “Vcruntime140.dll” file is often needed by multiple apps during run time. 

If the vcruntime140.dll is not found error persists even after performing basic troubleshooting steps like restarting the machine and updating the operating system, you will have to download the .dll file manually. Although this might seem like an easy solution, downloading VCRUNTIME DLL files can come with some troubling errors. 

Why Resolve VCRUNTIME DLL Errors?

DLL file errors can happen for several reasons. The DLL file being modified or altered due to a pre-existing version of the program present across other software directories is one of the most common triggers for VCRUNTIME File Corrupted errors.

These errors might also occur due to an incorrectly installed program. It is also possible that uninstalling a program that was running incorrectly caused the DLL file error. Ignoring such VCRUNTIME DLL problems may result in system slowdown or a complete OS crash, so resolving the problem is critical for optimal computer efficiency.

Errors You Might Face with VCRUNTIME DLL File Download

1. Finding a Malware-Free Source:

There are many websites on the web offering free downloads for VCRUNTIME DLL Files, but most of these sources are filled with viruses and malware. This can cause you more trouble than just a “vcruntime140.dll not found” error. It’s advised only to download DLL files from reliable and malware-free resources. 

2. Choose the Correct Version:

Before proceeding to download the VCRUNTIME DLL files, you will have to select the correct version, i.e., either 32-bit or 64-bit. To check which version of windows your device is using, check the “System” section of the Control Panel.

3.  Downloaded Zip File:

The VCRUNTIME DLL File will most probably be downloaded in a zip file format. You will need to extract these files from the zip folder and move them to the software’s location directory that’s causing the error. Note that you might need to replace the pre-existing corrupted file from the directory. If the program functions properly after replacing the corrupt file, you can manually replace all the corrupted files from other software directories facing the VCRUNTIME error.  

What If the Downloaded VCRUNTIME DLL File Doesn’t Work?


In case the downloaded file isn’t working, this might be due to outdated system software or device drivers. You can resolve this issue by visiting the “Updates and Security” section of the “Control Panel” and clicking on “Check for Updates”. Look for updates for your device drivers and keep your system up-to-date. This can help you to avoid many DLL errors, including the VCRUNTIME DLL File errors. 

Reinstall Problematic Software

If the VCRUNTIME DLL error shows up only while using particular software, it might be possible due to an incorrect installation. To resolve this issue, uninstall the software and download the software again from a reliable source. Install the downloaded software with the necessary steps. Running the program after fresh installation should solve the issue.

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