Business people, entrepreneurs using email every day but have you heard about email forwarding? I think most of you have heard the word because if you have a website you are definitely using web hosting, right?

All web hosting providers offer email forwarding services. Some hosting companies provide it for free, some are taking charges. 

What is Email Forwarding Service?

Email forwarding is a system of re-sending emails from one email account to another. We receive multiple emails in our daily life, but it becomes very difficult to log in to different emails at the same time as it is very time-consuming. 

So, if you use the email forwarding service, it will become much easier to manage all the emails in one place. You can forward emails from different accounts to one account. 

A company has lots of departments like sales, accounts, finance, human resource management, marketing, etc. So, by using an email forwarding service it can set roles of different departments. 

Popular and Free Email Forwarding Options

Most of the popular email clients like Yahoo and Gmail offer email forwarding for free. You will not feel the need to use any third-party email forwarding services to do the job and in just a few clicks, you will be able to forward the emails of your account to another email account.

If you are a Yahoo user but use Gmail more often, you can simply enable automatic email forwarding for Yahoo and set your Gmail address as the recipient. After that, all your Yahoo address will be automatically directed to your Gmail account and you can simply log into your Gmail account to check the Yahoo emails.On the other hand, if you use Yahoo more than Gmail, you can forward your emails in Gmail to Yahoo in the same manner. After that, simply login to your Yahoo account to check all your emails of Gmail account.

Best Email Forwarding Companies:


Email forwarding service by DuoCircle is one of the best services I have ever used. Duocircle provides limitless aliases and allows us to forward one email to ten different addresses. 

The best thing is they take care of phishing, malware, and spam. Duocircle encrypts all the email data, they don’t keep a reserve of logs of any emails.

If you don’t have the budget to spend on email forwarding service then you can use free email forwarding services which are provided by


If you are lazy like me then improvMX can be a great choice for you. They allow you to use their service without registration. I am very impressed with their service for their 24/7 support. They have both free and premium e-mail forwarding service. If you need email forwarding features for your temporary project, then their free plan is enough for you. For long term use, you can go for a premium package.

Forwardmx is a premium email forwarding company. They host your emails into a secure data center and they also have a scheduled system to remove logs on an hourly basis. Their service starts from $5 for14 days of free trial to check out their usability.


Pobox is a paid forwarding email service that will cost you $34 per year but you can make as many aliases as you wish for all the domains you own. is the cheapest email forwarding service. The plan starts with one euro for a month. But you will be happy to hear that they have the option of the two-factor verification system.

How to Set up Email Forwarding?

How you set up forwarding differs from provider to provider and client to client. If you cannot find the relevant settings right away, simply type forwarding in the help section. Basically, the forwarding feature works the same for all the providers. 

A new destination address is specified for the old email address and all the emails are sent to the old address. In addition, it becomes possible to send emails from the old address to the new account. 

These days, more and more webmail providers are relying on the combination of different addresses under one account. With, for example, it is possible to merge all email addresses there.

Now I am going to set up domain email forwarding from Cpanel. At first login to your site Cpanel, then find the Forwarders tab and click on it.

Find the Forwarders

Then click on Add Forwarder,

Click on add forwarder

Then type the address of forwarding to the destination of the forwarded email,

Add a new Forwarder

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I do email forwarding anonymously? 

The answer is yes. You can do it by using the anonymous email forwarding company called anonaddy, their servers are able to do email forwarding anonymously. 

Does Gmail allow forwarding multiple emails at once?

Yes. Gmail allows you to forward multiple emails to your desired email both manually and automatically.

Does Microsoft outlook support email forwarding service?

Microsoft is one of the largest email service providers, they also allow you to do email forwarding service through both auto and manual ways.

In conclusion, email forwarding is a system that saves time for us. But I have seen lots of local, normal companies providing free email forwarding service, which is spammy and slow. If you want to get a better email forwarding service company then duo circle is one of the best service providers as they are specialists in handling everything related to email.