Email marketing is still an essential module of digital marketing which helps in updating customers about the new ideas of the company, updates and more. If you have been doing this for months or years, there are chances that you have a huge list of emails, but do you know that some of the emails are inappropriate and can increase your bounce rate?

Well, this can create a bad impact on the reputation of your IP and your emails might even land into the spam box of the recipient, that’s no less than a nightmare, isn’t it? But there is no need to worry about this anymore as there are various mail verification services available that can filter out the invalid emails and rebuild your mail list with valid emails.

One such service that we highly recommend is emailchecker, it is more than just an email address verification tool, we have covered all the information about this tool in our email checker review, you just have to keep reading this article.

What is EmailChecker?

EmailChecker is a mail verification service that verifies the email list and removes the invalid email addresses, it also corrects the slightest human error in real-time and saves your IP from getting banned. It also provides an API service that checks the emails entered by the user in real-time and asks them to enter the correct mail, if it’s found invalid.

Features Offered by EmailChecker

Emailchecker is not just an usual email verification service, it is more than what you can even imagine. It can prevent your email listing from spam mails, bulk check email list, check emails in real-time, and more. Let us discuss the features of email-checker in detail. 

  1. Prevent Spam emails
  2. If you have an ongoing lead generation campaign on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or any other platform that collects user mail and other information, Emailchecker can help you terminate fake emails with its real-time API, or you can run an email checklist later when the campaign finishes. 

  3. Integrated verification
  4. Emailchecker can also be integrated with software that is built to capture emails on the internet, you can integrate Emailchecker with the software and get rid of the spam email entries in real-time.

  5. Check the format of the mail
  6. Another amazing feature of Emailchecker is that it can correct the email address on its own. For instance, if the user entered its email like, Emailchecker will automatically ad ‘@’ before’.

  7. Domain check
  8. This feature is really helpful as it prevents invalid emails from entering your email list. For eg, if someone enters [email protected], Emailchecker will verify if is reachable or not, this can save your email list from a spam attack.

  9. Yahoo verification
  10. Emailchecker also offers real-time API for Yahoo and Ymail providing accuracy and best results. Other mail checking services might not be able to provide verification service as accurate as Emailchecker.

  11. Disposable mails
  12. Disposable emails are helpful for short term registration on a service but can also be used against a firm or a campaign by spamming with mail entries, but one can easily get rid of this using Emailchecker which has “Disposable Email Address Detection” feature and can mark disposable emails as spam.

  13. 24×7 Uptime
  14. You don’t have to worry about the server getting down in the middle of the verification process or at unusual timings, Emailchecker takes care of its servers and keeps them running all the time. The servers are hosted in tier-1 enterprise data centres such as Amazon, Google, Linode, the digital ocean. This ensures data privacy and secure service as the data is handled by the staff only. 

  15. Outstanding customer support service
  16. Customer service is the backbone of every business and product, Emailchecker support team is always available to help you out with your issues. You can ask your queries in the live chat support and get a reply on time.

  17. Corrects the common typing error
  18. The best part about Emailchecker is that it can correct human errors and won’t just simply flag the email address as incorrect. For e.g., [email protected] will be autocorrected to [email protected]

Pricing of Emailchecker

To begin using our online verification service, simply select the amount of email credits blocks you require, sign up and complete your purchase. You’ll then be able to begin cleaning your lists online within minutes.

Emailchecker is a “pay as you go” service, you can purchase the credits and use it to clean your email list, you just have to sign up for an account, purchase the credits and start the process. Here is a detailed price table of Emailchecker pricing:

Price in $ Credits 
14 1000 
29 2500 
49 5000 
69 10000 
89 15000 
129 25000 
199 50000 
299 100000 
499 250000 
799 500000 
1249 1000000 
2499 2500000

You can check the detailed pricing list here.

Advantages of Emailchecker

  • Codes for API Response – It returns response code for the invalid email addresses.
  • Yahoo Verification -The real-time API with Yahoo email will also verify Ymail addresses.
  • Integrations – Emailchecker can be integrated with any application easily, all thanks to its API.
  • Dashboard – The dashboard is simple and easy to use, there are no navigation complications.
  • Customer Support – The Email Checker team is always available for your queries and issues.

Wrapping Up

Emailchecker is an amazing service that can help email marketers to clean their email list to prevent their emails from landing in the spam folder or get their IP reputation spoiled. In this article, we have discussed Emailchecker service, the features it offers and some information about its prices.