When it comes to creating a simple modern email signature, there are several best practices and tips that you should know. Some elements should be included in your business email signature and there are some to avoid. In this post, we will look at the basic factors that you should employ as well as those that you should avoid when creating a simple email signature. If you are ready to get started with your email signature, you should check the Signature Generator platform. This is a reputable e-sign platform that allows you to create an email signature seamlessly.

What are the Elements of a Good Professional Email Signature?

It is a norm to have two options of a business email signature block. The use of both will depend on the recipient. You should have an email signature block for sending fresh emails and you should have another for sending or replying to emails internally.

As to be expected, the internal email signature will be simpler with less information than the one for external emails. The email may also include an e-signature to make the entire email look very professional. You can check how to eSign a document or email from this link.

This post will focus on the email signature for external emails. So, what components should a good professional email signature have? Let’s check them out.

Your Full Name

This is the most obvious element of any email signature. You should not have only your first name on your professional email. Rather, you should have your first and last name. Of course, in the business world, today, clients and business associates get more casual as business relationships progress and refer to one another by their first names.

However, you must understand that it is not everyone that has the same disposition. Also, you will not only send emails to established business associates and clients. There will be new contacts and leads that you send emails to. It will not be very appropriate for your email signature to look overly casual.

Therefore, maintain professionalism in your email signature and stick with your full name. In the course of your business relationship, you can develop a first-name relationship with your client but that should not have anything to do with your signature.

Telephone Number and Email Address

Having your telephone number in your email signature is a given. Your recipients may want to reach you by placing a call and it is important to have the line through which they can get to you. Now, when it comes to email addresses, you may think it is not necessary since you are sending an email with your email address anyway.

Well, what you must understand is that your email does not necessarily stop at the inbox of your recipients. It can be forwarded to other recipients. If these recipients want to get through to you, you will make it easier for them if your email address is in your email signature.

Title and Department

This may seem unnecessary but it is. Having your title and department on your email signature helps recipients to know if you are the right person to talk to in your company about specific issues. It is a waste of time for you and your recipients if they assume you are the right person to speak to.

For instance, your recipient may want to speak with a salesperson while you are a customer support personnel. If the recipient knows that you are in the support department, they can ask right away to speak with the appropriate person instead of assuming that you are the right person to talk to.

Company Name and Logo

Your email signature should sell your brand as much as possible. Put your company’s name and logo in the face of your clients and prospects as many times as you can. For a start, it gives a brand face to your email and it makes it easy for your recipients to connect your email to your company. Additionally, it also adds aesthetic value to your email signature.

Physical Address of the Company

Letting your email recipients know where you conduct your business is a good practice. It gives your clients the assurance that your company is genuine and has a physical presence. Some laws require that organizations provide their company’s address when sending emails to clients.

Beyond the seal of authentication, including your company’s physical address in your email signature also makes it easy for your recipients to find you.

Social Media Handles of Your Company

Today, all serious businesses have a social media presence. The reason for this is not far-fetched. Potential clients search through social media platforms to find more information about a business. They want to know what your current clients have to say about you and the kind of reviews you are getting.

They are interested in knowing if your business is worth patronizing. You should make it easier for them to find you on social media by including your company’s social media handles. You can use the appropriate social media icons and connect them to your company’s handles.

These are the important factors that you should employ as you create a simple email signature. Remember, you should keep it as simple as possible. 

If you feel like adding anything other than the ones highlighted above, you should first ask yourself if it is important. If it is, you can go ahead to add it. However, if it is not important, you should not yield to the temptation.

What Elements should you Avoid in your Email Signature

When creating a professional email signature, there are some elements that you should avoid. The most important among them are highlighted as follow:

●       Using different fonts and font sizes in the same signature block.

●       Using multiple colors or many graphical items in different styles and sizes

●       Too small or large marketing banners

●       Too much information and a long list of contact information

●       Too much text, images, and details make the email signature difficult to read

●       Unprofessional use of pictures and inspiration quotes

●       Using too many social media icons


Your email signature says a lot about you as an individual and more about your company. Keep to the basics and avoid the unnecessary. That is the rule of a simple modern email signature.

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