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Fino Trend | “Refer a Friend” Program- Earn Money without Investment

Online trading is always a great scope for earning money. But what about those who do not want to invest in online trading? Is there a way to earn money online without directly investing in trading? If you really want to know the answers to these questions, meet the reputed financial provider, FinoTrend. The ‘Refer a Friend’ program of this organization is such an outstanding opportunity to earn money without investing in online trading.

All affiliates, business persons, and even traders can take part in this program and earn money by recommending their friends and colleagues to trade with FinoTrend. As soon as your referred colleagues and friends start trading with this financial providing agency, you will get substantial rewards from the organization. This organization not only gives you rewards for recommending your friends but also takes care of your referred friends so that they achieve success in their trading.

Partnership Network:

Fino Trend allows you to build a partnership with the organization and earn from the partnership networks. You can either join a partnership network or build networks such as partnership networks, trader networks, or affiliate networks. To build your network, you can invite your colleagues and friends to join the network. You should also guide them effectively and make them understand about advantages of trading with FinoTrend. When they join this brokerage company for trading, the company will offer you generous commissions on each referred client.

Earn Money with FinoTrend-

  • Join the ‘Refer a Friend’ program
  • Build partnership network and become a partner of the organization

“Refer a Friend” Program of FinoTrend:

When you join the ‘Refer a Friend’ program, your job is to refer colleagues and friends to FinoTrend so that they start trading with this financial agency. In return for your recommendation, you will receive a special referral bonus. However, you will be rewarded when your friends deposit money in their funds and start trading with this company. Even if you want help from the organization to invite your friends, you can provide their details to the organization. When your referred friends start trading by depositing an amount less than $1999, the financial company gives you a referral bonus of $200. When their depositing money exceeds $2000, your referral bonus becomes $300. However, the main condition for claiming your referral bonus is that your referred friends need to make a deposit within four months from the referral date. To help you redeem your bonus, your friends should also have a zero balance on their accounts or open eight positions. 

How to Become an IB or Introducing Broker?

If you can make use of your skills and contacts efficiently, you can become a successful partner or an introducing broker of FinoTrend. The development of your own partnership network is the first step to becoming an IB. You can also become a part of an existing network. However, you have to convince clients and guide them effectively so that they understand the advantages of trading with FinoTrend. This financial organization will offer you technological tools and real-time performance reports to help you guide your clients and monitor their performance. So, if you want to convince high-level clients and earn from the customized commission structures, join the IB program of FinoTrend now.

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