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You should know that video downloading is one of the biggest dilemmas that we are facing in this decade of technology and digitalization and this is not because of the unavailability of the tools or the apps that can help us in saving videos rather this is because not all of the tools and the applications are easy to use and reliable and people using this kind of tools often drop the idea of downloading a video in the first go! Now in this three-minute article, we are going to tell you about the best tool that can help you in free and reliable video downloading so make sure you read this article till the end!

Now you guys should know that the availability of tools and services has nothing to do with us if they are not workable, there are many factors that affect the use of online services and it has been seen that website owners especially who are providing services to download videos don’t really care about these factors for unknown reasons! You guys should know that the first important thing in a video downloader online tool is that it should not be bugged with ads, it should be efficient in finding videos and most importantly it should not take more than 4 to 5 seconds to load!

Now below, we have mentioned the most effective and reliable video downloader online tool that can help you save videos quite easily!

Disclaimer- Before using any of the downloader to download videos, make sure it is legally allowed to do so. We do not promote illegal download of videos from any platform.

Save Videos with SmallSEOTools

Now you guys must know about the famous SEO expert website, better known as SST! The is one of the best platforms that you can use for solving any kind of problem-related to the internet, especially content and search engine optimization! We will like you guys to know that this video downloader online tools are the best example that you will find on the website that will prove you the reliability and the accuracy of the tools available on smallseotools! Now many people are confused in the use of these kinds of tools, and for this very reason, we have decided that first of all, we will let you know about the interface and the working of the tool and later on we will flood you with the features of this amazing tool!

How Does the Video Downloader Online Tool Work?

Now if you have never experienced the use of online tools for downloading then don’t worry because the use of this free video downloader is very much easy and even a layman having basic knowledge about the use of computer and internet can save videos easily! We will like you guys to understand that even though you had a bad experience with other video downloader online tools, you should not let it affect the use of this amazing tool!

The use of the tool is simple, and first of all, we will like you guys to register yourself with smallseotools to get free and unlimited services, don’t worry this won’t cost you a penny and can be done within minutes if not seconds, you can easily register yourself with your Google or Facebook account! You can easily land on the tool directly by clicking on this link!

Below are the steps that you have to follow to download a video for your system!

  1. First of all know that when you have opened the tool, you will see a simple toolbox in which you will see the URL bar, now in this URL bar you just have to simply add the URL of the video that needs to be downloaded! You can either type it down manually or you can also simply cut and paste the URL from the address bar!
  2. Now when you are done with the input of the URL, make sure there are no extra characters! 
  3. Then you have to simply click on the DOWNLOAD VIDEO button below the box! When you click on this button, the tool will automatically find the video and will download it for you!

Now you should know that the process is quite easy, but it is important that you read some of the features of the tool that we have mentioned below!

Features of the Video Downloader Online!

  • The tool is one of the only tools on the internet that have access to almost every platform regarding videos!
  • You should know that this amazing tool can help you in selecting the quality and the format of the videos before you download them!
  • Easily convert videos to audio with the help of this tool!
  • You can even download videos from social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook!
  • You can use the side tools like Facebook video downloader, Instagram video downloader, sound cloud video downloader by smallseotools to specifically catch the videos from the related websites!